leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Week 1 in the offices 11/23

First off sorry I am emailing so early it just works out better that way. We go early in the morning here and play futbol with the office elders and then come here to the offices and then print our letters. I might email later on other days but we will have to wait and see. 
This week has been a big change for me. It is really hard to describe how I spent so much time working and taking buses and teaching investigators and then moving on to thinking about a district how my district was doing and how I could help them. When I was made district leader you begin to have more responsibilities and you sometimes have to travel and whatnot. I loved to help and lift my district. Then I went and was a zone leader and had to worry about my zone and Try and help them the best way that i possibly could as well as juggling my own investigators etc and having les time. Now as an assistant my responsibilities are much the greater I lose even more time  and juggling the schedule is an almost impossible task or so I am told.  

In the last 4 days I have slept less and worked harder that ever before in my life. But the truth was it wasn´t really that hard because I love the Lord and I have given every last bit of myself to Him and so You just keep going and give all you can. It was really a special blessing teaching all the trainers here in the mission last Wednesday. My companion and I after driving around like lunatics doing so many things for  changes Tuesday we had little time to really plan what we were going to really be focusing on in our teaching.  But as always the Lord provided and the Spirit was strong and I felt the excitement of all the trainers as they left to meet their new sons and daughters. We taught what president has taught me which has changed my life. Teaching about giving their new elders and sisters the experiences they need to have the beliefs they need to be true missionaries. Truly if we really all focused on trying to help others obtain the belief they need to get the results they need,  it changes everything. In my time here in the mission I always thought things like, well this missionary is not having success because he is not doing this or this and he needs to do this and then he will have success. But I have come to learn that as a leader and a guide of these children of God, the only thing that will really change that missionary is not the way he works. I have learned that a true leader must help them to be converted. To me that is the key I can go to the area of missionaries find them investigators teach them how to do it and teach them how to teach etc. But if they are not converted many will not give their whole heart as an offering to the Lord. This knowledge has helped me to become a better leader and I felt prompted to share it with you. We cannot just change the actions we do to get the results we want we have to change the beliefs we have as well.  

Something pretty cool that is happening in our mission is that we have 4 Assistants in the mission right now however we are not all here in the offices. My Companion and I Who is called Elder Bossa (he is from Colombia as well and has also been a good friend of mine for my whole mission) and also Elder Brown the old office AP and Elder Geshwandtner who what we call Traveling Aps that are traveling the whole mission doing divisions with all the Zone leaders. So we are here in the offices and they travel around teach etc. It is a new good set up because it is going to help us a lot because the majority of all the missionaries here in the mission do not have much experience.  We did a coupe of capitatition together the 4 of us and then we took them to the terminal and they are already in other zones working their tails off. 

One of the perks of being Ap is I have eaten really well lately haha and get to hang out a bit with President Smiths son Jerry who is such an awesome kid. He may go out on divisions with us today. I also went to the airport the other day and took a group of elders who were in the CCM with me to the airport to catch their plane and I thought it would effect me more than it did. The truth is everyday is so exciting and new I did not even feel slightly homesick. Mom I am rethinking extending my mission maybe for just a week my question is would you forgive me? It may not even be a possibility anymore but I just wanted to know what you thought? 

I love you all like crazy I am not going to lie it was really hard leaving barrio 4 but I know that Elder Miranda is going to have a lot of success there. We had some miracles in church last Sunday. An elderly lady we have been teaching for sometime  and were almost going to stop teaching asked a neighbor to take her to church because she is very old to walk alone. And she went with her and they both for the first time went and enjoyed our sacrament meeting. The Lord works in very mysterious ways who knows how someone will receive the gospel. 

Honestly I do not have much to say things are different and I am very happy. I love my Savior He has done so much for me I do very little for Him. Do not forget the Commitment of Elder Ballard in the last General Conference pray to find and have someone to share the gospel with before Christmas and millions will feel the love of the Savior we just need to reach out to just 1 just 1 and think about the difference it would make in the world. 

Remember always that I love you oh and my Credit card is here in Uruguay thank you so much Mom 

Lots to do the work of salvation is being hastened we are close to the end

Elder Stewart-Chester


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