leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, November 4, 2013

Well Folks It was one of the hardest weeks of my mission but I learned lessons this week that I will never forget.

I hope You all enjoyed the pictures of the activity it was a success despite all the problems we faced but because of all the problems we will be having another halloween party this friday as well. But I´ll get to the whole story in a bit.

First I love you all A ton and Boy was that trunky to see pictures of my Comps in our home. But hey Next month right:) Time goes by too fast tomorrow I give what we call here in the mission Your "Testimonio de fiel" which is the last testimony you give here in the mission right before you go home. I can tell you right now I am going to Cry I already know it. It will be so hard to register that I am coming to an end but I will always have my missionary tag seared into my heart and I and going to fight always for my Saviour. 

I was going to say that is great I dont mind if they want me to also speak in California or Idaho I would Go and Speak there aswell I have lots of homes and lots of loved ones. 

This week Was extremely hard as I lost my focus and Faced serious sad situation one after another someone we have been teaching for some time now informed us like it was nothing that he moved in with his girl friend after all we had taught him. It broke my heart than me and my comp wasted lots of time this week making decorations and lost lots of the Lord's precious time because we wanted to make the best activity ever and We lost the spirit as our guide as we offended some members for forgetting that we had lunch with them and Then the day of the activity it was supposed to be a huge storm and we were maybe going to cancel it but then we didn't and the bishop got mad and just one thing after another and getting frustrated in our companionship and then we made goals Saturday and worked our guts out and sunday we partook of the sacrament and now I feel bright and new and feel that guide That I have always depended on my whole mission. Personally I feel like this week was such an important week for me as a man as I learned not only that I am no one without god but I cannot do anything without him either. I did not have that same feeling of ok this is what we are going to do that I always had and I suffered this week. How I love my saviour and the atonement How much I need not just somedays but every day. I cannot do it without him. Not one day. 

A scripture I wrote in my agenda to send was alma 3: 27 not really sure why I wrote it as it has been some time since I worte it down but maybe as you read it. it will touch one of your hearts. 

We have some wonderful people we are working with and should have a baptism before I leave as we complete a young family I love I cannot wait to share that day with you all. 

I just want you all to know that there is no better feeling than the spirit and having someone thanbk you for having helped them to learn how to feel it. We all need to stop nd take a moment to look arround and help others feel the spirit What a difference we can make in the world. I love yiou all so much Be happy love the lord and give him your whole heart. Fletcher Give your whole heart to the lord not your Girl friend:) 
I love you all more than I have really ever expressed in words. 
Elder Stewart-Chester

painting Oranges because there are no pumpkins here that are not super expensive it was a good idea

The mess we made and we made more and more decoration and me exausted from cutting so many things out

fotos This is me and my companion making halloween party decorations

I was A Gaucho look it up on the internet basically a Uruguayan Cowboy I did not get many fotos of myself but we are doing the activity again next week and I´ll have someone take lots of fotos for me 
Halloween party that we set up in our ward with the other elders and sisters from a ward that shares our chappel

Bobbing for apples 
Making braclets with the beeds you sent me mom was a super big hit. 

A game we played in the activity that an other elder thought of where they inflated a balloon ran did 5 circles arround the stick and then ran back and popped the balloon I ran into the wall and so did the hermana in the foto she is running into the wall. 

and fog in the morning


Brady's trainer Elder Elliot and companion Elder McCraney are at BYU they came to visit;)

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