leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, October 28, 2013

Well I guess you heard the news..

Yep I will be home the 27th of December..... I am not gonna lie I was sad. I love being a missionary so much it is almost impossible for me to imagine myself not being a missionary. I know that another part of my life will need to begin and whatnot but it is still so hard for me to imagine putting on a regular white shirt without stains of long hours of hard work for the lord and then not putting the name of my Saviour over my heart. There is only one place in the world you can do that. Here. i love you all so much thank you for your prayers and for believing in me enough to teach me and love me. I have changed so much I doubt you will even know who I am anymore. Luckily I am a little bit more of who the Savior wants me to be but I still have so much more to grow. But after we will be able to all grow together. I hope in 2 months we will have huge family lessons and I will be teaching you all like crazy all the things I learned here for two years:) 

Anyway this week I had a very special couple of experiences. Lets start with Saturday and Sunday. Well we had our Stake conference here in our stake and we had a couple of amazing experiences. With all the changes and excitement that  our new president and all the focus on missionary work in all the world , our stake president who once did not really trust the missionary effort here has really changed and invited us a long with president Smith to teach all the bishops in our stake. So we went and me and my companion taught and the spirit was very strong and the president taught and we were able to witness the Lord working here in Uruguay changing the beliefs of the bishops here in our mission. Miracles are happening. 
Then sunday Well something cool was that President Smiths wife and Kids (which I love because it is like having fltcher here with me (because Jerry and fletcher would be close friends) came to stake conference and I translated for them the whole meeting. It was a powerful stake conference and president had all of the missionaries stand in the crowd and Shout "HOY ES EL DÏA" which we did luckily  none of us were seated in the chapel but he talked about how the Lord is hastening his work and that we need to get to work. He said....the sabbath day is a day of rest from our labours but not the Lord's then he reminded everyone about Elder Ballard's promise that we all need to invite one person to come and feel the Savior's love before Christmas just one person and we will see miracles and huge amounts of people return to church and visit for the first time. It was powerful and helped give all of the talks excitement as every other speaker also made mention in one point of their talk that today is the day!!! 

When I translated the last talk of our stake president Presidente Cerruti, I was in the middle of translating what he said when I heard and I would like to hear the testimony of a missionary that also believes and feels that today is the day. O f all the missionaries he could´ve asked I was the one chosen to get up and share my testimony with everyone. Powerful spirit was felt there by me on the pulpit.  I just bore testimony and sat down and began to translate again for our stake president who gave an amazing talk about how the Lord is hastening his work and we need to jump on the train. We cannot be left behind. He said I do not know how He is going to do it but He will do it and we need to be there with Him. 

Boy do I know that is true. Recently here in the mission me and my companion uncovered something of such worth it is incredible. We have created the monthly missionary Goals for our ward and our ward is growing so much in desire to serve and participate in the work of salvation one day I will tell you all in person how we really did the whole process and it will confirm to you as it did to me that I can do nothing by myself but with the Lord's help all can be accomplished. God Is there and puts thoughts in our minds when we least expect it. The thing we always need to do is remember to always give Him the credit. As King Benjamin says we are nothing but dust but with God's help we can become even as He is! Wow I love the Gospel. 

I also had a spiritual experience this week with a missionary that does not think he is a good person. I helped him put goals to see more miracles in his life and mission and to give more to the lord. I love him and know he is a great person. And later we had a lesson with a little recent convert who is like 10 and in that lesson we invited her to ask heavenly father if the the celestial kingdom is real which she did the spirit was strong I asked her how do you feel?  she said I feel he told me yes. I asked her who else do you want to feel this feeling that you feel right now and she started giving us name after name of family members she loves. It was a powerful moment for this missionary as well. 

Ladies and gentlemen this Church is True Ask God and you can know for yourself. Say your prayers and be a good and God will answer but only if you stop and listen. I love my Savior I continue daily to learn more about what he did for me and it brings me to tears. 

I love you all be strong I will see you all soon. 
Elder Stewart-Chester
Ps. I have thought about my calls on Christmas a lot and I dont want to just talk about anything and everything. What I want from every one of you everyone expecially you Dad and Christina Is that you all share with me your testimonies All the things you know that are true and then I want to share with you mine before my mantle is taken Away I love you all once again. E´S-C 

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