leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, October 21, 2013

Man it is hard coming up with new subjects

What a week. I dont have too much time lots to do and there was a ton of photos to look at. It looks like everyone is happy and healthy that is what we need. 

This week we taught the Capacitation to all the zone leaders and now this week and the next they will teach it to the whole mission. It went really well and it was someithing that truely works as members you guys need direction on where to focuss our ward missionary efforts so all the mission was excited to put it into practise. 

I am not going to lie I love Concilio it is one of the highlights of my whole mission everytime you feel the spirit so strong and you are able to see the lords hand move forward his work. I love to learn aswell and realize I am so small and lack so much but luckily I have lots to learn and will spend my whole life studying and bringing myself closer to the savior. I love my saviour I could never do any of this without him 

I recently may have lost my debit card so I wont be able to take out money. Good news I took out most of it last week so I am good. I dont even know if you could get me on before my mission ends so I´ll look this week and if not maybe we will just cancel it. 

This week we had a sweet ward activity that we were incharge of and it was a pizza competition and there was some good pizzas. We made one and put tons of hot sauce on it and all the kids were freaking out because here no one likes spicy food really:) It was funny. 

This week We will probably be on divisions most of the week. there are a few problems in our zone with missionaries that dont get a long and missionaries that need help knowing that there are people being prepared in their areas. I pray I can help. Something that God has taught me here in the mission is I can go and teach someone how to find in their area or how to have succes or talk with people and members but they will forget and fall back into old traps of laziness but if I teach a missionary how to convert himself he will always be converted and will never give his second best. 

I love you all like crazy the weeks fly by.... I cannot believe I have already bean here for so long feels like I arrived a month ago... 

I love you be strong I pray for you all always
Elder Stewart-Chester

My son Elder Dio and my grandson with his companionship that split...
Elder degn from utah height scale.  Elder Elliot my trainer would be below me....;)

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