leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, October 14, 2013

A week without much sleep

What a week Ladies and gentlemen. Shall we start with why the title is what it is. Lets just say This last tuesday night I slept a total of 0 hours but it was amazing to me how the lord pushed me a long all week. Because of being ZL in the house right next to the terminal we have to take missionaries to take buses to go to there next area and we do that throughout the night. I tried to sleep at about 2:30 in the morning but the house was so crammed with missionaries that it was impossible on the floor so I just got up at 4:30 and went showered and then did another mornings work in the terminal. Lets just say i was so tired the next day I fell asleep every time we said a prayer in a lesson and I do not even remember when I actually got in bed or what I was doing all I remeber was waking up and woundering where in the world was I. 

But yah since then we taught an amazing capacitation that we taught the one  day after our night without sleep.( we made a sweet title of liberty and everything I´ll send a picture when we take one with our whole zone) and we have begun planning another becuase this thursday we have a meeting with all the zone leaders of the mission and President has asked us to give a capaciation on something we have started to do here in our area. Called our monthly Goals. Should be great. I´ll send you guys the outline I did to send to presidente Smith. 

Something awesome that Happened is I got to see my son and my grandson Which was soooo Cool I need to send that picture aswell. I am not sure how you spell my grandkids last name but I think it is Elder Degn he is from Utah:) he is way huge too which makes me look funny because I am shorter than Elder Dio and Elder Elliott was shorter than me its like a hight scale. 

You´ll all be pleased to find out that more miracles have been happening with Rodrigo as he is out of the hospital again but was super depressed because of all his health problems and felt that everything was a punishment from God because he did not return home with honor from his mission. But God rained blessing down on him and now he has a free ticket to Buenos Aires to visit the best hospital here in this area when it come to the heart and he also has a free place to stay and everything. I just looked at him and said dont doubt the lord This is a miracle he does miracles. They leave tuesday they are a wonderful family. We are now working with his mother and grandmother to get them also to partake once again of the peace that is here for them. 

Life is Good. I got a call from President the other day and he talked me through these changes this last week and we talked about having better communciation and all I can say is he blows my mind all the time with his humility and faith in me and apreciation I think that is something we could all really do better Tell others how much they mean to us and how much they help us it makes one feel on top of the world yet today we dont say it much. What would the world be like if we told others how much they ment to us more... 

What else... I got a package!!! yay super great lots of yummy snacks thank you mom. 

I love you all a lot and it is nutts to me how fast the time flies and how much older everyone is... I know that change however is good new beginning new goals and dreams and tallents. I will be learning Banjo when I get home I have to know one instrument and I feel like it is the one for me. 
I love you all Be good Read your scriptures thank you for your letters they make me cry sometimes expecially teddy:) He is such a good Guy I love you all be examples always
Elder Stewart-Chester

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