leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, November 11, 2013

I wept

Just as we all expected folks I got up to the pulpet to say my final testimony and I had already begun to leak from my eyes as I sat with the other missionaries... I walked to the pulpet tears streaming down my face and began my testimony telling everyone the things that the spirit has helped me to know to be true. It was a miracle from God aswell because he knows that when I cry I cannot speak and he wanted all the other missionaries to understand what I had to say. So when I sarted to speak the tears stopped even though I got very emotional and everyone knew I was on the road to tears flooding down my face God let me have all the emotion but not until I closed in the name of our saviour and turned to set back down with all the others My eyes streamed once more.... I told them all If I could I would go Straight from this mission into another that I did not want to leave and it is the truth. Sometimes lately I am a bit trunky but the truth is if I could go again I would. There is so many more to help so many more to teach. I love this Gospel.

It was a powerful zone conference. There were 3 zones instead of 2 which is the norm. And we did a music number like none other we kinda a little bit changed one of the hymns into a fight song But we did not chant we sung and seeing as our zone is all men it came out really well. we even brought out our zone title that my companion made and it really showed the other zones the unity and strength there is here in our zone. The great thing was our Stake president also went and was very impressed with us. We also did a tug of war between districs in the diferent zones and Oeste our zone dominated that as well. We beat out all the other competition and it was Oeste agaist Oeste in the final. It was a good day. 

After that day It was like I had an extra jump of the spirit. I love testifying and since then I have felt the spirit a ton as I have testified in the lessons. I love being able to do this. I cannot imagine not being able to. that is why I will always push myself to share the gospel. 

Our Halloween Party was a super success. Lots of fun the Rootbeer that I did with dry ice lacked sugar darnit but they got a kick out of all the smoke it put out. We have been having troubles lately finding new investigators and now that is what we have to focus on this week every lesson every person who is being prepared by the Lord. 

Anyway I know this is a short one I am sorry I am tired and have much to go look for because this could be my last full week in this area. Next week we have changes so expect my letter with where I will be spending my final months here in the mission serving the Lord full time. 

Look for those in need and lift them up always. I love you guys.
Elder Stewart-Chester

Dear mother I am sorry I completely forgot my camera at the rerun of the halloween party but the sister missionaries took lots of pictures and so did members so we will get them all on Facebook aswell. But here in the orange I painted and my costume they painted my face at the end of the night. It was not painted at first

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