leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I don't have much time forgive me...

Ok so I had so much to do today and things went longer than usual so I do not have much time at all to talk. 

Something I forgot to tell you al last week was we had a baptism in my new area she was already ready when I got here but her name is Carina 13 yrs old and was brought to church by her best friend who was member, Our ward has a temple trip this week and I think that she will get to go with them:) which shall be really cool for her. Her brothers and sisters are in the pictures I am sending isnt that little guy awesome his name is Daniel and loves me tons he tried to give me his dinosaur as a gift the other day. He also was giving me a big hug and got so much stickyness on the shirt I had just cleaned. 

In that one photo aswell I found Mac and Cheese here in the city lets just say I know my way around Salto. 

We are working hard. It is getting so hot and humid it looks as though is about to rain and then huge amounts of humidity come and kill us. the bike makes  things harder. Was quite a bit sick this week stomach problems not good on the mission. But I got through it and am fine now. 

ok lets keep going I was thinking about the other day when I was doing baptisms for the dead in the Temple with Tate and Fletch and I got to baptise them...Wow good times. 
I am so greatful that I was worthy to be there enjoying that. I have such a different perspective now I have learned so much and the truth is changed tons too. I cannot wait to go to the temple when I get home. There is no other place like it as wierd as I was as a teen I had faith I guess I remember running off my anger in Rexburg Idaho running to the temple becuase I had faith it would calm me down. It did just that.

My comp is difficult I´m praying lots for guidance Its just hard to know what I should do and what would help be the best he can and what would not help him. Its really scaring me to be a parent now. Its a good thing we have the lord huh. 

We have a lot to do in our area. No one showed up for church this last week and if you ask me it was because we did not do enough. Its super hard theres not much I can do. We had a lot drop us this last week aswell pretty sad after she had felt the spirit so strong Sandra the lady we found on my B-day said it was impossible she could not change I committed her to pray about the Book of mormon and felt really strong the spirit and she committed  we´ll see if she will follow an answer from God because it will come it always does.  

Anyway I gotta Email presidente  I Love you all so Much Fletcher Girls are trouble stick with Magik and  D and D and just live life to its fullest right now dont give your heart away. 

I love you all so much thanks for everything I have so much so much love Thank you Grandma Jaqui for the chocolate. 

Until next week 

Elder S-C

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