leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, September 10, 2012

Emergency changes

What a week 

Well right after I emailed last week we went back out to work and that night the Zone leaders called us and told us we needed to go to an Elder's house in our District becuase his Aunt that he was really close to died. President wanted someone to be with him so we went late that night. It was a sad experience filled as well with a powerful priesthood blessing and lots lots of tears. We took a ride back to our house very late that night. It was change night.

Well with this whole experience we had the rest of the week to work district meeting and we worked super hard this week it really showed becuase someone we contacted that week came to church with us. She is pretty funny obsessed wih johney Depp. Anyway We worked super hard this week the Sisters had an amazing baptism he cried throught the baptism and then throughout the sacrament just filled with the spirit. 

President called us this morning told us that he had really been praying about These two elders in our district (the one who had lost his aunt and his comp) and he felt that the Lord needs us to have an Emergency change with them. So I am having changes Today infact. I am going to their area on the other side of Salto with his Name is Elder Garner from Mesa Arizona. While my Comp will stay with the other Elder who is the one From Brasil I told you about. My new area is called Barrio Artigas and is poorer than my current area. I also wil be on bycicle a lot now! Which is kinda cool. This area has not had a lot of success as of late but has tons of potential It should be a good next Change very different. 

he sad part is for those I have taught here I have one day to say goodbye and they are going to be really sad. Good thing is I am not too far away and I am going to start teaching some of there family members.

I have a lot to do pack clean and hopefully sleep I am so tired you never get your sleep back on the mission you always have to go and do something. We went as a district to an all yu can eat Buffet and ate way too much I feel super sick but it was very good for our district. 

I´m kinda bummed but ready for the challenge that is what president said to me when he talked to me on the phone you ready for a challenge:) 

Mom I love you I am so glad you were Born! I pray for you all like crazy. I feel your pain siblings as I moved all those many times aswell keep your chin up and ask heavenly father for the comfort of your saviour. 

I love you all

Elder Stewart-Chester

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