leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, September 24, 2012

Spring is here!

Well one and all spring is here and it is really getting hot! Especially on the bike and everyone here keeps talking about 45 degrees cel.... like 110 fh yikes its super humid and with all the missionary garb you are like cooking meat.
I had a pretty darn good week Yesterday they had a baptism in my last ward someone who I was teaching who was super prepared and is going to be an amazing member. She brings the missionaries over there food like every night(lucky sods). I was going to go to the baptism I actually went on divisions to my old area and taught her a lesson over there and told her I was going but it turned out we were going to have a baptism over here aswell at the same time right after church so I couldnt.
The sad news was The baptism did not go through becuase  the font was freezing and our investigator is 71 and there was no way that it would be healthy for her to get in and so we prosponed it until next week with another baptism of a young 11 year old who is the brother of Carina who was baptised not too long ago. I completely forgot about the baptism in my old ward and we ended up just going to eat in the house of a member. ELder McCraney baptised her and told me the spirit was super strong. 
Elsa is the 71 year old we are teaching and she is hilarious. She really does not understand or comprehend much of the things we have taught so we´ve had to reteach her many things over and over and still in her interview she told our district lider E McCraney that Coacoa was agaist the word of wisdom and that Joseph smith was a son of god very important:) she loves the church and loves to sing all the hymns. She tells us that when she is alone in her house and she hears music she just dances all over the place. She also lives in a poorer part of town and informs us  of all the gosip that passes through. She still works and is very active.
We had a 3 Zone, Zone Conference this thurday with one of the area 70 that is actually from Uruguay that we have and it was so powerful Wow. Elder ViƱas look him up in the Ensign. He talked a tone about the doctrinal base of what we do and why and who we need to be. He talked a ton about rescuing tons. It seems as though that is what the lord wants of us right now to look and rescue those who are not lost they are just hidden. Its was powerful someday you will have to ask to see my notes wait they are in spanish so you will have to ask me to translate them...What:) he did an amazing comparision with us as missionaries as those who the lord is mad with in Malicah in the old test. He is mad with them because their sacrifices are sickly they are not the best they can give. We have to give the lord the best we can give everyday.
I just ate lunch in a house of two members that moved here from spain they are super awesome and it made me think of our trip there and to Tangers what a crazy trip.
I have read Ben and Matts letters and I am filled with love and the truth is a little bit of jealousy. They´re working so hard and having such powerful experiences I wish I was there with them fighting through. I love it here I love being a missionary even when its hard and all you do is knock doors all day. I´m trying to give him my best everyday and that won´t stop now. I would love to get ELder Hasting and Elder Sommers letters home aswell and I would love to hear from my buddy E Stevens once again
I love you all Conference is coming invite your friends to listen to a living prophet who in this conference will answer every question they have ever had in there hearts. I Know i´m where I am supposed to be and the Lord has his hands in everything.
Elder Stewart-Chester
Oh mom got the G´s they will help

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