leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm going to be a DAD!!

Yes it's true I almost ran around the neighborhood screaming that I was a father but then I realized that people would think that I had broken the law of chastity... WE could not have that now could we:) hahah 

But It´s true tonight at 12:30 I will be getting on a bus to go down to montevideo to go and find me my child. Not sure who it is yet but I already love the guy. I am super stoked. Every missionary if you ask him will tell you the same thing they do not want leadership posotions or nothing like that all they want is to train. (They call trainers dads for those of you who don't know:) I am very blessed by the lord. Also both of the other elders that were on the side of our area have both left and so with my kid we have the entire area to cover and work in until they open it again. Basically we are a little bit outside of the city and so our area now is bigger than the entire city of Rivera..... yay I have a lot of ground to cover I am going to talk to president tomorrow about bikes.. Its just too big. But i like it like that new people and now I can get to know all the members better and we are just going to work so hard. 
I have a couple of highlights from the week one is we knocked the house of an old guy and he went off and told us he was going to sick his dog on us if we ever went by his house again. He hated America Told us how we should be teaching obama about Christ because  he killed Hugo Chavez etc.. etc... I just tried to be so kind and so loving to pierce his heart but wow the thing was a rock. Wont be going there again. 

Something else I saw the other day was a horse eating trash... I know right. Well our baptisms fell through there is a lot of work to do here we are teaching a ton of people and the girls we are teaching just need to find out when they can be baptised now. We have a bunch of people in our area now who are reading and I love it. Honestly there is such a difference you can see in a person when they are reading what we leave and more and more every day. I love it. It shows me the need that we all have to read every day. We have had people come out of the woodworks and I am bummed that Elder Nilsson wont be able to teach more here but he is still in my same zone so they´ll come to the baptisms. I Love it here I am so happy to stay in an area longer than 3 months I should be here for like 6 months now and it makes me happy. 

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