leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dec 25: another missed letter "mas"

Well here are some fotos of our house aswell. our dirty dirty house. I have cleaned a ton and it looks better my comp is a slob.


I also went on a very long divissions with Elder Montes once again for almost 2 days and it was really product I really enjoy working with him becuase he is more obedient and we feel the spirit more. We actually found a reference and he turned out to be a super awesome kid who has been going to another ward for like 2 months and he bought a suite to go to church. It was really good and it was good to see there area really improve this last week they had a lot more going on. My area suffered however but hey we need to work harder to find those that are waiting for us.

Wow we also had zone conference and it was super great about the saviour and becoming a true deciple of christ. I have made the dission that what the lord whats of me this christmas is to think of others and to serve as he would washing the feet of those around me. I catch myself often and say what would jesus do and then I change my thought process and serve.

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