leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Dad, Christina and Tanner I only have one foto of tanner that I show to everyone I need pictures of you both aswell. I miss you and am jealous of the snow. 

Dad what exactly do you do in dealer socket what does the company of dealer socket actually do? 

Mom, I have been thinking about you a lot this last week and I read a talk that was perfect for you called Of REgrets &Resolutions by Elder Uchdorf, It talks as you will see about being happy now and letting ourselves be happy we should never think to ourselves Finally when money isnt tight then we can settle down and things will be happy. Other trials will come and we will say wait until we get over that moutain than we can be happy. Learn to Love the Journey look for the pieces of Gold mom in every day. Life is Wonderful. I have been thinking about what you have been telling me about tithing and frankly It wasnt something I liked. Like it says in D&C we recieve blessings only in acordance to our obedience to the laws of God if we have troubles financially and we are not immediately paying our tithing how can we expect the help we need finacially. God Cannot bless us unless we obey what he asks of us. I know that you would do it as fast as you could if you felt the ability to do so but just remember all the wastes we have in our lives all the things that we claim have importance and take away from the little we have to buy. I am here in south america with people that often have so very little we could live comfortably with so much less. I love you so much We have been blessed so very much never forget to give god what is his. I love the law of tithing it is perfect. God Always blesses us but only when we obey.    

What can I say I know this church is true I love my Saviour He never did anything for himself he always was doing things for others. I love you all I cannot believe how fast flies how my baby brother is 1 and I miss all of you tons and tons. Lets all be happy now huh:) even through the dark days. I love the people here They have helped change my life forever. I hope to say at the end of my mission like Elder holland says "my mission was everything for me"

I love you all be safe read Preach my Gospel chapter 4 about the holy ghost could be my favourite things I have read here in the mission. 

Elder Stewart-Chester

ps. Next weeek I´ll send fotos

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