leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Jan 28 late addition: Well lets see how this goes

old mail dated:  January 28, 2013
thought that I had put this on but I just realized that I did not! 

Well Bad news I forgot my planner and so I do not have the notes on what I did this past week forgive me if my letter does not sufice. I am sendeing a bunch of pictures so you better all love me for that in the least.

Lets explain some pictures shall we...Well lets start with the Lake that you see in the picture with me and my comp that is part of our area we decided to visit a little touristy town that is part of our area but is a bus ride away and there are no active members there just 1 or 2 inactives. so we went to go check it out to see of we should begin to work there. this is us stopping to eat the pack lunches we made. its beautiful and the cool thing is they actually had pine trees here so we were in heaven with all the smells of the moutains. It was not too good for the work lots of abandoned houses and women in baithing suites I dont think we will go back anytime soon.


today as you will see we went with a buch of other elderes and sisters to to lake park this and took some pictures threw a frisbee and so forth I also bought knew shoes and gave my old pair who had been with me through many a soccer game and many adventures a propper burial as you will see from the photos.


The picture the Elder in the shower is a new idea from other elder that washing your cloths with you in the shower is more effecient. Washing clothes by hand does take a long time but builds character right? I have been doing it now for a while so I am really use to it.

 Bracelets from home....The grey is for Fletcher who has type I diabetes....the green/blue is for our dear friend and Brady's Priest Quorum advisor who passed away from Cancer September 2011.  It says "Hope for Hegewald!"
 Brady's watch tan:)  Always has to wear sunscreen!
Elder Minter..Coca Cola is everywhere:)

anyway this wierd picture of the house with snow white and the 7 dwarves os on the small town Lagos del Norte aswell.


This week was a good one it went by crazy fast I love my companion such a good guy we get along really well. (Woth travelong out to that small town and everywhere else we went ot just shot by.)  I have no idea what that was mean to say....We have an investigator I do not know If I told you about her name is Juanita and she is the wonderful mother of a recent convert from monetivdeo who came back to visit her mom and brought her to church. Well we have been teaching her now and it is going very well. She did not go to church last week but she is good.  She needs to change some habbits but we´ll get there. WE actually cooked Tacos in her house Saturday night and it was super fun and super yummy they really liked them which was good. We are working with her to be baptised next month should be good.

Oh something I forgot to mention is I got Moms package and also from Grandma and Grandad thank you so much I need all those things and yes I need to write more letters i´m on it.

All I can say is I love you I love you all. Tate I may have promised your hand in marriage but dont worry he is a goodlooking stud who walks to church by himself every week the only member of his famoly lives with his older siblings and does everything for himself. 15 years old His name is sebastian such a worthy awesome guy. It os crazy to me the opposition this kid faces and how great of a kid he really is. REmeber him when thigs are tough. remeber that every one of out family atleast have another memeber of it to help on the path.

I love you all so so much I pray for you all I will write letters
I am keeping a great journal
I love you all
Elder Steawrt-Chester
ps. Elder Brigham Jenkins you stud see you in a year

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