leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, March 4, 2013

Another week bites the dust. I cannot believe how fast the time is going there is just too much to do!!! 

We decided to go to the cyber early today so that we could go to the zoo and then chillax in our house and write some letters.
I hope I can convey all the things I would like to in this letter it´s tough when you have so little time and my mind races forgive me of my weakness. 

Well first off I petted a carpinchu ( i think it is called a capabura in english) They are super cool they have crazy fur. hopefully i will take a picture of one today. They eat them here it is suppose to be a really healthy thing to eat. I hope to try it at one piont while I am here.

The work is going a lot better here in my area even with all the time we spent this week in zone conference and doing more baptismal interviews we still had the most lessons becuase we just worked really hard. And it is really paying off. WE should have two baptisms  next sundayafter church!!!! should be awesome!! they are both two teenage girls but an awesome thing happened this last week. OUr zone conference was all about the holy ghost how to teach with the holy ghost how to find by the holy ghost and it was amazing I felt the spirit extremely strong often. It was powerful we were taught to testify and explain more often how it feels to feel the spirit after you get your answer. we had taught these girls a number of times how to get an answer but we had not focussed on how it would feel so we had a lesson like that and then the next lesson we had with them Daniela the youngest she is 12 told us how she had prayed asking really wanting to know if the Book of Mormon was true and then she looked up and she felt something and a tear fell and then she began to cry and did not know why and could not stop.... WE were over the moon God touches the humble heart that is why we need to be more like children. So ya now her best friends need answers and i think this experience of Daniela will help Lelia also recieve her answer. If only more people would just read and ask wanting to know with a sincere heart Everyone would know. 

My 2nd Reunión de Distrito went a lot better than the first I need to learn better how to manage the time but the spirit was there I have begun to realize more and more my role and how I need to bring the spirit so that we all leave edified. and uplifted. Tomorrow I will have my last reunión de distrito and I am hoping to bring the spirit super strong. I hope it goes well. I have lots of plans for my next reunions after to if the lord deems me worthy. I just try and serve thats all I can do. 

I did two more baptismal interviews that went really well two more prepared people my district is killing it. we get lots of praise from the zls hahah. 

The one thing you could send me mom more than anything else I miss ranch dressing send me packets por favor. lots...Oh and you can get ramin noodles here it is what I live off of so you dont need to mail them. 

The last thing was I watched that climbing mountains vid and I felt the spirit so strong. The church is so true I think of the quote that you sent me mom when Frodo asks sam "what are we holding on to?" or in other words ( what are we doing here what are we fighting for its so hard) and then sam says" that theres still some good in this world mr Frodo and its worth fighting for" that is what we should do every day hold onto the good things I love you all be safe love the lorde and help others on there journy. the best way to feel better yourself is by lifting someone else up.

I love you 
Elder S-C

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