leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I find Charity is the key to it all everything has been pointing me to it this entire change here in Rivera. I still have so much to do to grow. Thank you everyone for who you all are for your examples to me and more than anything your prayers I pray for you all too. What an amazing family and friends I have all over the world. i love receiving letters from England because I always know who they´re from . I have always been impressed with the strengh of those who have passed before me their hardships strengthen me as I think to myself you sissy you are really going to complain about this when people have given everything so that you can be where you are now. Thank you all those who have helped place me where I am now.

First off Mom don´t cry that makes me cry I have become super soft in the mission too, Time flies so fast I cannot believe it. Oh and dont forget next week is changes so I will be emailing on tuesday. so dont be worried it will be an interesting one. I cannot believe  Elder Dio and I will be separating soon. I love that Guy so much when we go on divisions I miss him he will be an amazing missionary and already knows how to be senior comp I think he will be training in two or three changes. I will miss him. 

I just glaced over the letter i´ll print it out and read it tonight I did not try for the money yet so dont worry. Oh and if you send a package those cards magic cards would make my day. also good pens maybe. I still go strong in my journal writing on my 6th what!? thats your son Mom can you believe it I thought about sending a couple in a package but it has the chace of beeing lostand they are priceless. 

This week was really cool. I think I forgot to mention but my CCM comp is our Zone leader here in Rivera and this wednesday we went on diviones we had the chance to be together once again. It was super awesome after so much time we´ve come a long way. 

Next big thing was we went out to the area in my district which is the furthest out. It is an area called tranqueras that we had to get up at 5:30 to catch the bus out we spent the day down there working super hard and it also was an amazing experience. I enjoy that part of being a district leader so much because I get to help lift up others, help them push themselves to find out what the Lord wants them to do in that area. It is the best. Who knows where I´ll be next I´ve heard rumors but we´ll just have to wait and see now won't we. 

Other than that guess what I did the other day, well yesterday.  I taught a young women that she should not date until she is 16.... I know right I have come a long way but really now I look at it all with the big picture it is so much better to follow the prophet. It was a cool experience I think the biggest thing that I feel impacts the young the biggest tell that says whether or not someone will be someone who God wants them to be in this life is their goals in life. I will never live another day with out daily and monthly goals because one day we will look back on everything and either say I did it or wow I did not live up to my potential. And the BIGGEST goal we all have to have is the eternal family. That is what I need my family forever all of them like president Eyring  says no empty seats. 

I love you all like crazy I need to write letters. I´ll get on that. I love you. 

Elder Stewart-Chester

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