leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Weekly letter April 22, 2013

Well I am sure that you all figured out and yes your guesses were right changes!!!!
But for the first time in my mission I actually had a normal change I am just staying here with my son!!! Hurray!!!

The big news would be 1. I am district leader and 2. There are 2 new elders coming to our house to share our giant area. One of the elders I know he is from my CCM group and the other is what we call a Corto Plazo which is a young man from a ward here in the mission who takes the place of a missionary for 1 change like a full time missionary but just for a change. It should be an awesome extremely busy couple of weeks.

This was the last week For my best buddy Elder McCraney. He finishes the mission tomorrow and then heads home. I am going to miss him like crazy . He will be a friend for my entire life.

WEll I have had a pretty normal week in the life of the missionary. We had stake conference which was a very powerful couple of talks. It was good except the stake center is far from where we are and it is hard to get investigators to go clear over there. It hurt us in the work. But thats ok. We are going to this zoo later today and I already talked to the owner and she is going to let us feed the animals I should have some crazy pictures to send next week.

A person we have been blessed to teach here for a little while during our time with the both areas is a lady called Dianara who is super prepared and told us last night that her dream is to be baptised. She is a midget actually but she makes up for her little size with a giant personality. We taught her about the plan of salvation yesterday and she asked us if she could take notes I was astounded. Her husband was baptised a long time ago has a huge testimony but for one reason or other he went inactive at 15. They both are going to be an amazing foever family. She said that she could not go to the catholic church after when she was married the priest said until death do you part. Yep super prepared.

Anyway I thought of somethings that I forgot to tell a while back. Did you know Bo that I taught a lesson all about you once? I showed your picture to everybody and told them all about the time that you made our neighbor stay for all of primary and then her brother and sister got baptised. That was awesome!

I also wanted to tell Tanner that every time I show his picture to other people they always say is that you when you were a little guy and I say no that is my little brother tanner.

I also had a really funny experience this week we were teaching this lady who is a little slow and we were sitting out side in a field out infront of her house teaching her. There was a pony tied up pretty close grazing well when we started to sing the pony came over like the neighborhood dog stucking his nose in wanting us to pet him he also nibbled on the shoe of the lady we were teaching and we all just laughed and laughed. It stayed there for the whole lesson. something I wont forget.

Oh something very important was I recieved the answer that I will go home on time with all my group. I am not sure why and It is not the answer I really desired but His will is the most important thing to me now. I think it could be to start strait away school jumping into the next year in college.

Scriptures that truely jumped out at me this week are Chapter 5 of Romans and Romans 8: 35, 38-39 Paul was a spiritual giant.

I love you all I know this email is a little scattered and crazy but just know I love you all like crazy and the mission is going by way to fast I wish you could serve more than 1 in your youth. I love you all be safe look out for the downtrodden those are they who are praying for help be the answers to their prayers
Elder Stewart-Chester

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