leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Well here's my email

Well what can I say. I love you all.. I cannot explain how uplifted I was by conference. I was literally shocked as I watched conference and watched the prophet literally give me one of the biggest answers I had been looking for almost my entire mission. I was so uplifted and strengthened It was amazing. What an amazing world and life we have been given I will never be able to express my gratitude that I have to be here serving the lord. There are so many others who never know the things we´ve been given so freely if they only knew that watching conference you can find all the answers.

The truth is I feel not too great so I am going to keep it short because I need to go home so I dont have to run into the bathroom every 30 min to empty my bowells:). Do you want to know something crazy a scripture I read this week and noted down to give to you all was repeated so many times in conference I mean seriously John 16:33. what a powerful comfort it is to know that christ has overcome the world. I love my saviour I cannot wait to bathe his feet in my tears. another Scripture is john 14-18-19.

The main thing I just wanted you all to know is how much I love you. I wanted to tell each of you how each of you have become the center of my world I boast of you to everyone. I cannot wait to hug each of you individually and tell you how grateful I am for specific things I am going to write specific letters for all and tell you how much I love you. Conference as always was life changing. Mom what did you think when that guy talked about moving all the time? I love you all so much like the all of them said in confrence STAY STRONG trouble now looks for us we need to give more, study more and live better. It is not enough to go through the motions here in our world now. Darkness always surrounds us, yet if we study and pray we can turn on the light. Satan will not win. Christ overcame the world and we will not be tempted above that of which we are able to overcome.

Jesus Christ Lives I have felt his love I witnessed a miracle this week but it is too sacred to write one day we may speak of it. God Loves us push forward "fan the flame of testimony"

I love you all
Elder Stewart-Chester

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