leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, May 6, 2013

Well this week is Mother's Day!!!!

So you know what that means!!!! i´ll need to get an account name to call to do skype! We are going to do it from an investigator's house which will be awesome. I will be calling i´m pretty sure around 6 or 7 my time here which would be like 3 or 4 there. For you all in utah i´m not sure about Nuevo mexico.

Anyway so there is much to say but not much time to type it all out remember to think of advice and questions and write them down for things to ask me when I call. I am very excited to see my baby brother once again how crazy it is to watch someone grow up through long distance fotos nothing more... I feel like he is a part of my life but at the same time the last time I would of met him was in the pre-existance:)

First off listen to this I had the trunkiest moment ever. so we were sitting in a members house after eating lunch with them going through less actives or inactives that we could visit and well the husband went and turned on the Hobbit in another room.. in english.... We left shortly after.

haha but anyway this week was a pretty good one my son is growing up like a champ. This last week last sunday, monday and tuesday we went on divisions. For the first time he was with a corto plazo (mini missionary), the second time with a good missionary but he is super quiet and struggles with spanish, and lastly with a week old missionay who speeks barely any spanish from Brazil. The whole time he handled himself really well and will be a fantastic missionary. I am a little harder on him than any other comp I have had but that is because he has so much potential to begin the mission better than I am now. At full stride.

We are having a baptism this saturday and we are super excited. Finally the mother of Lela (the girl who I think you all talk to on Facebook) let her be baptised . She has been getting herself up for months and going to church now even her friends we were teaching have stopped going but she has stayed very firm and strong. A bunch of members have said they are going to bring cake and things like that as well and we are super excited. Elder Diotaiuti´s first baptism.

Another thing I wanted to tell you all about is the other Elder in our house Elder Strong has been going through corto plazos and recently a member who is like our best friend of all the missionaries called junior is here living with us in our house and it has been a blast. He is 17 and was baptised like 1 year ago and is filled with questions and extremely gullible. Lets just say we have had a lot of fun with the guy who loves to hang around with us. The other day we got home before the other two elders so we put all our stuff where they could not know that we had already arrived and then we shut of the breaker to the electricity and we hid under the beds. And we waited... it was so funny we waited uintil they were inbetween the both of us and then we grabbed their legs and cackled and we scared Junior super bad he was screaming and dancing to get away from our hands at his ankles. So funny but it is all in good fun we teach him loads as well. He cannot wait for the mission. I´m the reason he does all the corto plazos here in rivera:)

Right now we are changing the zone here and it is amazing to be a part of this work. I feel like Bean in Enders game and we really have changed the way our zone has been working and have already begun to see results. It has been amazing to be a part of. The sad things are: we have a missionary I spent some time with an elder who is going to probably have to return home because of problems with his knee. It is super sad. Two elders in my district (new elders ) are struggling. Great guys I´m just trying to do what I can I fasted for one of them yesterday and then spent my P-day with another.

Anyway I love all of you thank you for everything you have given to me all of you I would be no where without each and every one of you in my life.

My commitment to all is don´t wait! Dont put things off. I think about everything I had in my life and how many times I procrastinated what truly matters. We say things like on my mission I will learn how to recognize the spirit... on my mission I will over come this bad habbit. It does not work like that. Do things today I can tell the difference between those who have prepared and those who have not. We need to seek the things that really matter in this world today not next week not next year. I love you all I will be talking to you all face to face Sunday You are my world I am fighting for you!
Elder Stewart-Chester

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