leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Honestly I blink and the week ends

Well how are all my wonderful friends and family.  I pray for and hope that with my time here you have been able to see the change in me in my letters and through my fotos.   I hope I have uplifted you in hard times. I always think of these times and how dark things often look and then I think of Harry Potter when he gives all the prize money to Fred and George to start their joke shop. He does this why Harry says because dark times were going to come and they were all going to need it to keep going strong. I hope I can do that for you all. 

It is hard to differentiate the weeks, how often they blend together. This week though was a good one. We had zone conference in T-Bo  and it was awesome we talked about who we wanted to be and developing the attributes of Christ. I have a lot of work to do. There was a lot of sister missionaries who gave their last testimony here in this zone conference and one of the sister missionaries blew my mind with the love they had for the people here and I realized that is the christ like attribute I had began to neglect over and over again. I listened to GOd give me a hearty suggestion that I had lost some of the charity I once had. Its not that I do not love the people here but after many disappointments I had lost my faith a little in them and was not begging the lord for charity like it says we have to do every night in the scriptures. So this week I have worked hard to beg and plead for charity and love more those I serve even when I am disappoionted I need to fill myself with love. Thats my goal from now on. Its easy to love those who love you but when they try and sick their dog on you it makes it harder. I´ll get there.

This week we worked really hard. I felt as though in the past weeks I have lost myself looking for numbers but this week we just went looking for new investigators who would progress. We knocked lots of doors every time we had a minute free and it really payed off. WE found an amazing elderly couple that could be fantastic for the branch aswell we have a 27 year old guy who has prayed and knows that the Book of Mormon is true. There are good things going on here.  I pray that I can truely help this branch and not just baptize someone who will not strengthen the branch. I love the people here I cannot wait to introduce my family to all these people here. What joy it will be. 

We went on divissiones this week and I got to be with one of my good buddies in the mission Elder Bossa from Columbia it was good. What else happened?....,

umm... Lots of hard work thats what it came down to. Today we played dodgeball .

Anyway I love you this Church is true I watch it change lives every day.   All we have to remember to do is humble ourselves and ask God. God only works with the humble heart. I love you thank you for the letters and Emails I also feel your prayers. District meeting tomorrow I am going to talk about how to make member's missionaries. 

I love you all 
Elder Stewart-Chester
That is a picture of Elder Strong in the morning looking like death:)

And that is how I had to dress because of how cold it is outside because I do not get signal in the house. 
The llatino corto plazo who is in the foto with Elder Dio is called Angel he drove us nutts but was an amazing kid

And that is how I had to dress because of how cold it is outside because I do not get signal in the house. 
Elder favero  is a brazilian Elder who wrote me before he entered the mission asking for advice I wrote him a letter and it got there

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