leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, May 6, 2013

Lost for words

Well folks, We´ve come a long way havent we.. the great news is we are only just getting started. Now is when we really are starting to get everything worked out and now we are finding so many amazing people and as a zone we are going to do wonders this change.

I had a very good week i´d say I mean it could´ve been better but honestly we have found some really amazing people. I really took no notes about what to say. I am very emotional about what Teddy wrote probably one of the best things I have ever read on the mission. The trick is when you feel and know that feeling that you never let it go God Listens ALWAYS. I have no doubt in my mind I have recieved answers time and time again. What a blessing it is to have a father in Heaven that cares about us enough to listen even when often all we do is sit there and ask and ask and we never listen to him.

I gave my first District meeting this change and I really loved it. I felt no nervousness and felt God lifting me up. I have no fear. I taught basically about leaving a legacy making a difference in your area leaving a mark and finding your gifts and talents and also developing gifts and talents. I have been so extremely blessed here in the mission I am a very different person God has blessed me so so much with so much and why.
It´s like Elder Bednar told matt(I told everyone that in my district meeting) We have no gifts no talents all we are and have are gifts of God so we have to work at things and pray as hard as we can so that we are lifted up and we become to be who the lord would have us be our devine potencial. I have worked and struggled for many gifts and talents and God gave me many. He always gives. I still have a long way to go before I even become close to the missionary I want to be. I am a man that is always shooting as high as I possibly can, but I am learning that without the help of the lord that is impossible.

I also spoke in Sacramant meeting all about the goals we need to put in our lives at all times because if we are not moving forward that we can only be going backward. There are no standstills in this life we need to be constantly studying the scriptures and learning and growing in ourselves Christ's atributes that is our calling. I have seen too many with destroyed lives.Why? Because they have no goals no plan of action It is a problem in all the world today.

To answer your question yes I fed some animals more than anything though they feed them while we were there. It was sweet I forgot the cord at the house to send pictures so i´ll send some next week. But I totally was shaking the hand of some pretty awesome monkeys. And I saw a carpichu dive into a pool. A giant carpichu.You´ll see picts next week.

We played futbol and volley ball as a district today super fun. Our mission is just filled with new elders right now all the companionships in my district are training minus 1. It is super awesome to see the lord put more to the plow. From now on the groups that are coming in are huge.

What more can I say I love you all so much. Dont worry I am not Trunky well maybe a little but hey you try being without carpet floors for 1 year 2 months... its tough.

(To Mom). Colleges... well ok I have realized on the mish that BYU is not that bad so there and the Uof U .

I love you all like crazy I am giving all that I can to the lord and more I know that he lives and loves us. It shocks me often to think that God loves us so much that he sent his son to die for us when we are so unworthy of his love. But He does. I feel it everyday as I tell people every day.

I love you all
Elder Stewart-Chester

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