leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Well I have pictures maybe I´ll switch over to another computer in a little bit and have the ability to send them. Anyway wow I love you all!!! are you excited to hear where I am headed I bet you are!!!
Well I am now going to...........MONTEVIDEO!!! To the zone smack dab in the center of the city. TOns of huge buildings and yay pretty much everything. But that is not all I will be a Zone leader as well. Which will be a humbling opportunity to learn so so much more.
My new companion is another Gringo called Elder Manning From Las Vegas vamos arriba! I have already met him in Salto before a very hard working elder and I am very excited to work so hard to have the best months with my zone there in Montevideo!
Pretty crazy huh.
Well other than that this week was a very good one for sure Finally now that I am leaving the area we have a lot of amazing investigators and a lot of good things happening that is why you always have to work as hard as you can until the very end because the last week you always see miracles. We have 1 baptism the 15th and then another the 22nd.   I love this area so much I pray I was able to help it grow in some way. I am so grateful that the lord had mercy and let me stay in an area longer than 3 months. I love Rivera.  We will be back someday so I can introduce you all to so many families that I love. What else can I say.
Sunday we had an awesome activity set up last minute.  We put on the Joseph Smith movie and watched it with all the young people in the ward with Popcorn and pizza.  The spirit was very strong and it is helping us establish friendships among all the young people. How I love that movie I feel like we should do more activities like that in the states with activities where they  can feel the spirit,  watch the joseph smith movie and know more about what we believe. It amazed me how perfectly set up it is.  It talks and covers almost every doubt that we receive on the street everyday. Like do you worship joseph smith?and why do bad things happen to good people.
Last Tuesday I gave my last District Meeting and I felt that it was my best. I talked about the key to success and how it all really depends on two things Love/Charity and Obedience and the truth is I talked a lot about what I had learned this change and then I let all of my district share something they too had learned. I also talked of the importance we have to love everyone and something that really hit me this last change was the importace of changing who we are that life isn´t about only putting good deeds into a piggy bank and then when we go infront of God to dump it all out and He will tell us if we have done enough. It will have everything to do with who we´ve become. How much we have worked on ourselves to develop talents and helped others and fought the natural man and given everything we can to the lord. I felt the spirit. Then we played a super fun game it was a good District meeting. One of my best.
Other than that my Son Elder Diotaiuti is staying here and I am going to miss the guy like crazy we like pretty much everything the same. It was like walking around with a best friend. He is one of my best buddies. Oh well because of my next area I will always see everyone who passes through the biggest terminal in Deo. So I will see him again.  He also has a very good companion coming so I am excited for him.
I really cannot think right now much to do still have to pack a lot. and buy lots of cheap things while I am here where everything is cheap I will never have money. I am going to the zone where everything is so expensive and I will be the zone leader that has to pay for everything. I love you all so much thank you for all your prayers I will need even more now because now there are many more missionaries I will need to lift and build so please pray for me.
I love you I will send pictures in a little bit I have one of my district as well:)
Elder Stewart-Chester

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