leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Week 1 as a zone leader

I am not going to lie probably one of the craziest weeks here on the mission. Not because of all the responsibility but just so much craziness happened. Lets get to it shall we. 

First off though I loved you emails I love you all Thank you for your prayers I need them. 

This week has been crazy last tuesday I said goodbye to everybody took pictures and bought some super awesome Gaucho Clothes and hat ( i´ll send a picture next week.) Well so I am not sure I explained it out yet but My new house is an apartment I live on the 7th floor. Which is crazy overlooking the city of Montevideo. My building is right next to the giant Bus terminal here in Montevideo. So I arrived in the terminal early that morning with just the sleep on as a usual change day goes but now it became my responsibility to make sure every one gets on their busses etc.   If there are problems I have to go to the terminal and fix everything. Anyway we also have to hall all the luggage of the elders that are going home to our house before they go to the mission home. It is wild. all those elders in your house about to go home making a mess it is crazy. I also will be the last companion of my Companion Elder Manning before he takes his flight home. Pretty crazy another first for me. 

Another crazy thing for us was two days after changes president called us to tell us that he had to  do an emergency change and that like three companionships would be changing up in our zone.. it was crazy we had to organize tell people to re pack etc. the good news is only 1 elder actually had to leave our zone the rest just got all juggled arround. 

I am actually under the weather right now I do not feel too hot I have to get some sleep today so I can keep working my hardest so this letter will be a little  shorter. I promise I will send pictures next week of my house and my last district etc. I love it here the work is very different the people are a lot busier. and in the street people ingnore us a lot more but it is all good. Our ward is awesome like 80% of them are all return missionaries. It is awesome I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve here. 

It is a lot colder here but I´m getting use to it and I have a lot of warm stuff. What else can I say I love you all a ton I will send more next week. Be safe look after others.
Elder Stewart-Chester

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