leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, June 17, 2013


Well ladies and gentlemen another week has past can you believe how fast it goes?  I have a lot of things to talk about so lets get to it. 

Well first off this Wednesday I had the first opportunity to experience what is called Concilio which is when all of the zone leaders from all over the mission come down and meet with presidente and he teaches us with his two assistants things we need to focus on in the mission. Now their are some sister missionaries that also go. I am not going to lie it was a fantastic experience.   A lot of my friends from the CCM are Zone leaders too so it was a great reunion with them all.  It was a spiritual feast. This was the last one that our mission president President Heaton was going to give because in a couple of weeks we get a new mission president. It was all centered in finding and teaching families how it does not suffice to just baptise and teach one here one there we need to help God's Children by lifing them up in families. Part of the mission president's family was also here and they sang a song in English and Hermana Heaton talked about our main goal to have forever families. I am not going to lie It was extremely Trunky. I think everyone left with desires to go and get married:) 

But anyway it was awesome. Tomorrow we have the job to teach what we learned in our meeting to our zone and although I feel under prepared it should work out. It hopefully should change our mission like crazy. 

We also get to eat a massive dinner with President and his wife after and it was amazing how I miss home cooking. Hermana Heaton is an Angel we ate so well. 

Another crazy thing that happened this week is two guys that we found and are being taught here. They are both from Nigeria, Africa and only speak English. What happened was there is a member from a ward in our zone that is from Africa and he invited Fredric to church over there. Fredric has been here in Uruguay for 39 days and is here to work because he told us that in a war or drug war or something his father and brothers were killed now he only has one brother left a little brother who is in university but he has no money for school so Fredric is here to send money for him to go to school, He told us he first went to Brasil but he was robbed there of all his documents so he is in the process of getting them all back. But he speaks no spanish only portugues and a ton of English it turns out that in Nigeria everyone speaks English. ( it is like in Lost mom with Mr Echo). Anyway so we thought he lived in our area so we called him and had a lesson with him saturday where we met Fredric we invited him to church he was very excited. He told us how he lived in a refuge and how he did not have much but never asked for anything. Anyway the next day he came bright and ealy to church with his friend also from Nigeria who is here to play fútbol. well we taught them both and I translated the entire sacrament meeting into english for them which was nuts!!! (my comp said I distracted the whole ward though) But anyway we then found out that they live in another elders area that go to our same chapel but is a different ward so I wont be able to teach them. The awesome thing was how the ward helped and got them winter clothes and made them food it was awesome. I loves these guys I will take a picture when they get baptised it should be on the 6th of july. Crazy story huh:)

Anyway Hey Fletch sorry I did not wish you a happy B-day I think I just spaced and did not feel well. Thanks for living little bro Be safe you have just entered into the battle field and the devil will want to take you down "remember who you are" the son of a king God himself. I love you my brother how strange it is that you are the age I was in -Utah when I got my licence. 

And I´m not really sure but I´m guessing from al those pictures it was fathers day. Well Dad and Dad I love you so much I wouldn´t be here doing what I am doing without either of you. 

Oh and Tan Man Happy Birthday to you too little one. You are too Big!! i love you lots. 

What else can I say oh pictures well I am going to try and send a few this computer does not recognize my camera I am going to try another. I love you be safe. Remember always that falling is part of life, God just askes that we pick ourselves back up again and give it everything we´ve got to push forward. I love you all

Elder Stewart-Chester 

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