leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, June 24, 2013

Watch the video

First I have a question,  did you all see the video conference from Salt lake to the world about Mission Work?? If not WATCH it!! it was the best thing I have ever seen or heard on mission work in my entire life we need to put these things in practice in our lives. 

Well can you believe that I forgot my camera in the offices... so no pictures. sadly 

Anyway, what a week. Where to start. Well do you remember how I said I was sick but I recovered last week? Well,  mid-week I got sick once again. It has been a super wierd experience never before had I been sick recovered and then gotten sick in another way. Now I am a ton better But I had a rough couple of days. You can never let the devil knock you on your butt so you have to work your hardest as it is!  So...both of the hardest days of my sickness I was doing divisions in two of the struggling areas in the zone. Working hard or hardly working like Donkey says in Shrek right:)?

But anyway, it was an interesting week. I went on divisions twice out of my area. Which was good I feel like it helps the elders that they know that as Zone leaders we care about them and want each area to do well. We have some really good Elders here I feel very blessed to work with them. Something really awesome that just happened here is that our Zone which previously never even got close to making the monthly baptismal Goal just made It!!! We are going to treat it as a huge deal so that we keep everyone on cloud 9 so that they can keep working with everything they´ve got. It was nothing that we did just the missionaries here. And the ones before them that prepared it for us now. We should have a lot more success to come as well. The Lord is blessing us here. 

A pretty crazy experience that we had was at a ward baptism. A young kid that comes from a less active family who we have been working on reactivating and then teaching the father, was being baptised this last saturday which was super cool. on the way there a young woman stopped us asking for our help.  Right next to her was an elderly lady that she had found wondering around in the streets completely lost. She was wearing a dress that was way too big and so was clutching it with her freezing hands and the lady said she had been wondering around with her for a while looking for her house. The old lady was like 79 and so cold. It is freezing here. And so she asked us for help.   We talked to them for a while and then we took them both to the church where we were having the baptism and I gave her my jacket and gloves and in the end we found out you have to call the police and they came and took her to find out her identity and where she lived because she did not remeber anything. Poor lady. I feel though that God has his purposes though and that wonderful young lady who was doing a good deed entered in the true church and we taught her a bit about baptism and you never know God works in many ways. there are no coincidences. The baptism was stressful aswell the little guy Facundo got super scared when it came down to the moment in the water and after they shut the doors so only the testigos watched he was baptised. 

Next week Our Dear President Heaton leaves us and we get a new president.  Things are going to be very different. It will be very interesting. Anyway I love you sorry I feel like this email is very short. Big changes next week I think the new president is just going to stop randomly by our house so I want to make sure it is all clean. 
I love you all so much
Elder Stewart-Chester 

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