leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, July 1, 2013

Ahhhhhhh no time

Well lets get started shall we because I started late. We went bowling as a zone today because we made our zone goal which was awesome. I,ll send you pictures next week. We have had a crazy week that is for sure. Still no packages but letters see thank all of you that take the time to write me I am so blessed to have you all in my life. It fills me so filled with wonder to know that I have been given so much through each of you to reach where I am now. 

First off Our mission president has now flown home. He is now in Ceder City Utah and it was a sad thing to watch him go because I love him and Hermana Heaton very much what wonderful parents they have been to me here. I was probably one of the last missionaries to say goodbye to him. Our zone had personal interviews with him wednesday to say Goodbye and I got to hug Hermana Heaton too!!!! But also they came to our ward on sunday. They came with missionary couple that were doing a presentation in our ward for a ward visiting center activity we are going to do in our chappel on the 19th. Already releaved without mission placks President and Hermana Heaton came aswel. Me and my companion both spoke in Sacrament aswell which was special and so did a recent convirt. all about mission work. It was powerful stuff. I spoke on Life Goals once again I felt the impression and our devine potential. I talked about how life is like going up a down escator if we are not going up we are going down if we do not put goals like this year I will bring the chance to someone to hear the gospel or this year I will finish the Book of Mormon or this year I will develope this attribute of christ we are going to get to old age look behind and this to ourselves I could´ve done so much more. 
I see a lot of the problems in the world today beginning in families where there are no goals no dreams nothing asked of them and children that would rather just pass for mediocre. 

Teddy Happy birthday My man and Bo in like 3 days its yours!!! How old we all got whats happening? Something pretty funny that happened this week is a got a bloody nose while we were knocking doors this past week and it was pretty funny I am sure all the people here think that someone hit a missionary in the face here. I just kept going so we would not doors and I would stand off to the side and my companion would talk;) 

We are reactivating and going to baptise an awesome family pretty soon. The husband needs to get devorced first but he is awesome. Sometimes he works all night and he stiil comes to church Sunday morning. This last week he brought 4 of his kids by himself to church. He is awesome. His name is Claudio and use to be an athiest. 

We will have some interesting weeks ahead with a new presidente and helping him out and my companion that will be going home at the end of this change. It will be an exciting time. I pray for you all I love you all so much I cannot wait to squeez you all with big bear hugs. How it amazes me how much little Flynn looks like a little man to me already. I love you all like crazy be an example of the believers
Elder Stewart-Chester 

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