leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, July 29, 2013

Probably my busiest week of the mission.

this is the design my companion made for a zone hat we are making to boost the brotherhood here!!
Mom first off forgive me but I still am no where close to finishing those essays. I still have not begun and I will not have time today nor next week. I am going to try and write a little bit every morning but I first need to catch up on my journal because with everything going on I have fallen very far behind. Not sure when I can send them.But I will push myself it's just my N1 priority is the Lord and His missionaries and I have to plan lots for a Zone capacitation tomorrow. 

So Tuesday after district meeting we were informed that Thursday we would be having a mission leader meeting that was going to begin Thursday early and was going to finish Friday afternoon. This was unheard of and unprecedented but one of the most life changing experiences I have ever had. We had some difficulties because a new sister missionary that had just started her mission in our zone had a problem with a recent sergury that she did not put in her mission papers.  She had to go home because she was  unable to walk after 1 day of hard work. So with that and trying to visit as many of our investigators as possible we had to get ready for the two day capaciation. We arrived there in the temple hostle its called and we were all the zone leaders from throughout the mission (tons of my friends) and hermana leaders and we began to be so filled with the spirit and learned so much I took 14 pages of notes. It was powerful we all received new ties to ´tie us together´. I will never forget the spirit I felt there. There are times if you just sit back and ponder in your heart how do I feel?  Is this true? The spirit will cause an unmistakable burning in your heart. I felt one of the most spiritual impressions and we talked about how the mission was going to change and how we could help others really learn how to use the Book of mormon in their lives and I felt such a burning and it would not leave! The Church is True I know It! The main focus that I feel the lord needs from us all here is that We need to create the opportunity for others to have spiritual experiences not on there own when they kneel and pray on their own but instead with us when the spirit is the strongest! 

We already put it into practice on saturday and after teaching an amazing investigator about how to ponder in his heart we asked him to ask God and that is what he did and he ended in tears:) How I love this gospel! All you have to do is ask God thats it and then listen not with your thoughts but with your heart. 

WE also went to the temple with our president and all the leaders from all over the mission what a powerful experience with so many young servants of God trying to purify our hearts and find the will of God in our areas and zones. an amazing site how I love the temple. 

We also ate some of the best food I have eaten in 1 and a half years wow:) 
Something awesome is that my president's son Jerry is Fletcher in the flesh. I spent quite a lot of time talking to the guy and wow it made me miss fletch I love him. 

Anyway that is a little bit of the week. i hope to have time to look for shoes today but we´ll see if I have time with everything. my companion lent me a pair of shoes:) 

Anyway I love my companion I am so blessed to be with him right now.   We are seeing lots of miracles and we are good friends. I am going to go to his wedding in Colombia when I get home without a doubt. 

Anyway I love you thank you for your letters.  I love your letters. i got that package from the ward tell them thank you for thinking of me. 

I love you all remember to be immovable and to never Give up God is the perfect example of this as he never gives up on us! 

i love you all so much
Elder Stewart-Chester

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