leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The end of Elder Manning

Well this week was the last of Elder Manning he is still with me but goes to the mission home tomorrow morning and then from there he leaves thursday night to arrive in Las Vegas Friday morning. It amazes me how fast time just flies by. 

To answer your question Dad the truth is I only just met President this last Tuesday right after I sent my last email. But wow oh my what an inspired man. He had me in tears many times. As the first convert to the church in his family he went on a mission and eventually baptised his entire family. He served here in Uruguay as well. Yes mom Hermana Smith does remember you funny how small the world is. Their family is super Californian.  Their 16 year old son walked in and I felt like it was Fletcher. It is amazing to have him here.   The mission is filled with excitement and pure joy to do the Lord's work. Our mission president's joy to be doing the Lords work is very contagious. 

Oh my I still have not told you all my Change: 

Drum roll please:
New companion: my new comapnion is called Elder Miranda from Columbia and he is already a friend of mine. We both began the mission sharing the same ward. He is Elder McCraney's son. He is 24+- and already has recieved his degree and worked as a well paid arquitecto he had a girl friend and a good job and he left it all for the mission. I am really excited for this change. 

This change will be very interesting because we have sister missionaries coming to our zone. Which is very crazy because a few of the areas here in Montevideo are a little dangerous but the part where they are headed it is not too bad. More work for us ( sisters) hahaha but it will bring a new element to the zone that will come with a lot of miracles. 

Guess what! Want to know how amazing our Heavenly father is!? Well when Presidente called me on sunday to tell me about who my companion was going to be he also informed me that someone he had taught was going through the temple on saturday so I needed to change my next P-day to saturday so we could GO to a TEMPLE SEALING!!! I was excited and assumed that it would be someone elder Miranda taught in Dolores his first area. But no I called him this morning to get the whole times and things figured out and amazingly he told me who it was. Remeber how the last time I was in Montevideo I was with Elder Vargas in Cerro 16 well when I left Elder Miranda came to replace me. An inactive family we worked with a ton are called the familia Alves and my last sunday there the Hermana Alves finally went with her husband once again to church. Guess who is getting sealled!! They ARE!! and I will be there!! That also means though that I will email this saturday instead of monday so dont forget. 

This week will be so so so busy with changes new companion Hermanas in our zone, and this friday we have a ward open house! which should be fantastic! I am super excited. Lots to do lots to see. 

Ok now to answer some questions: I did not buy new shoes I thought I could make them last but the other day a homeless guy made fun of my shoes and told me that I had worse shoes than him and He is on the street... They´re bad I´ll send a picture. But I feel we should see if we can get another pair free I mean they have a 2 year guarantee and I have destroyed them. I mean I may have spent money on that giant traditional hat and pants you see in the foto but I can save up some money to buy shoes I was thinking about buying well kept shoes from an elder who is headed home. 

About the essays I have goals to do them today but I still do not know how much time I am going to have with it being my comps last day here I will do what he wants to do. I am trying it is so hard. 

Oh and that talk about the Grace was amazing I had never looked at it that way before. I have used the dot thing to teach as well. 


anyway I love you all just know the church is true I feel it deep inside and love following the spirit it is the best feeling in the world to be on the lords errand!! 

I love you all 
Elder Stewart-Chester

Instead of buying new shoes Brady bought this;) 

this is mold that grew on my sheo after just 3 days of them being soaked and me leaving them to dry

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