leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, July 8, 2013

Diary entry see picture!!!

Well folks after looking at so many trunky fotos of you all. I better write  spiritual stuff to bring myself back home. 

First off I sent that picture of my diary entry from yesterday so that you could read all bout that awesome experience we had yesterday. How I love being the Lord's servant and realizing that God was guiding us all along. I hope you enjoy it and mom publish it on the Blog and Facebook and whatever so that others can learn about the awesomeness of missionary work.

What can I say more than I have already said in the first picture I sent with us sat down and my son (Elder Dio) is in it that was my district in Rivera. The Bowling was our Zone Bowling Activity that we had. It is our whole zone minus the office elders whom have a different p-day than the rest of us so they could not come. The last fotos were from today as we walked arround buying some stuff for my companion as he Goes back to sin City next week... The truth is I am not that trunky, but it is harder when you are killing an elder(figuratively he is finshing his mission) but we work hard we had an awesome day yesterday as you can read in the journal pages. 

Other fotos hmm funny stuff my companion is a jokester we have fun and I aways take fotos of him while he is doing wierd stuff. 

I received my package Haleluya! that was amazing I am not going to lie that was a fun one that has enertained me for hours. Please in every letter you send instead of taco packets send me booster packs it is so fun and so filled with randomness that it makes for happy days here in the mission. 

I would just like to say Happy Birthday Bo!! Do you know what I did for the 4th ladies and gentlemen?... lots of contacting:) I was going to make Rootbeer but I forgot we were just deeply absorbed in the work. 

Oh I also contacted some awesome young teenagers the other day that guess what they did!! Tai-kuando we talked to them for a long time super awesome kids They told us that they were headed to Little Rock Arkansaw for the world tornament of Taikuando! So they will not be back until the 16th but that is alright. I told them I wanted to fight them haha but that I could´t because I was a servant of God. Sebastian was 17 and Victoria(yes she is a girl who does Taikuando) is like 16. I am excited to try and teach them. 

Anyways this email is more informative than anything else. But you can read my journal entry for the spiritual part. I love testifying about the Restoration of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints how blessed we are to be able to say We Know that all the truth that Jesus Christ left of the Earth and then was lost but now it is restored in its fullness!!! How blessed we are! 

I love you all things go well here Miracles as always you just need to know that many times they are small and hidden miracles and no one looks for them. I love you 

Elder Stewart-Chester

Such a great day!!!

Bowling with our zone...

My companion is always doing funny stuff.  I take pictures of him doing crazy things all the time..

Shopping in Montevideo!

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