leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, July 22, 2013

I will try to send pictures in a little bit my computer does not work

What a week! By far the busiest and exciting week of my mission. I experienced tons of stress as we went through changes and my companion heading home. And then there was all the confusion about changes Which as a Zone leader I have a very large part part of making sure it all goes well. And then we had a CVC(guided tours in our chappel) in our area friday and then saturday we arose early to attend the temple. Very busy but oh so rewarding. 

Where do I begin? Well first off my Companion... Not gonna lie we get a long really well.  He will probly be among the lists of my favorite companions. He is a powerful teacher and will be a huge help to our zone. He was a bit nervous in the begining but lost all of that and we saw a lot of success this week in our area now we just have to transmit that to the rest of the zone. 

It was Quite a week Honestly the Temple was amazing! It was a very powerful experience to go through completely in spanish and understand it all this time and feel the spirit so so strongly. 

The temple was spectacular. I dont know if it is because I have learned a lot better in the mission what is a spiritual impression but wow I felt the spirit very strongly. It was as if my heart would burst. How I love that place. It was something else also to know that I had a small part in helping a family be sealed for time and all eternity. I felt such strong desires afterwards to teach the law of chastity better and with more conviction. There is so much love in the temple pure Christlike love something you do not see anywhere else. That is how it should be here in the world.
    We arrived a little early and were able to go through and work a little bit in the room where they do the sealings as witnesses. Wow. 
When we got to the live sealing of the familia Alvez I just was at peace and I was amazed at the gravity of what was being done as he told them this is the last greatest ordinance  one can do on the road to the kingdom of God. What a step that will be. How I love the temple.   I pray to be able to spend hours and hours there every week When I return. 

The CVC that we had on Friday was a big succes. We were a little disappionted in the beginning because a lot of members did not come with investigators to share this amazing gospel but towards the end some very prepared people came and we may have found a very prepared lady aswell. WE are excited! We also are going to have the opportunity to do it again with another ward that shares our chapel so we are going to guilt trip the members who did not come:) hahha just kidding we`re just going to help them more to invite. and keep inviting!

I love this gospel I love The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love our dotrine I love being able to testify to my brothers and sisters that there is a church a religion that does not have just 20% of what Jesus Christ had in His Or even 99% of what Jesus had and left us with. There is one Organization that has 100% and I was born into it I have been so blessed by our father in Heaven. I dont want to be somewhere with 99% of the truth I want it all I want apostles and prophets, Patriarchs, temples with sealing power! I want the Holy Ghost as a constant companion and I want everyone else to have this as well. 

I know this church is true I prayed and God answered my question and took away my doubt. How blessed we are! I love you all be strong and immovable The gospel is the only way to live in such a dark world. 

Elder Stewart-Chester

We went bowling with our zone on a Pday!  

I bought this amazing traditional outfit instead of buying my shoes.

The guided your of the chapel and our temple trip..

Beautiful temple in Montevideo Uruguay!

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