leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, August 5, 2013

WEll you are going to have to forgive me with little time to spare this will be a short email.

I have gotten better at typing though mom so thats good hopefully I can get a lot across. 

Today was extremely weird day. We went back to me and Elder Miranda´s old area in Cerro and truely I felt like I did not belong there.   That could have had something to do with a random kid slapping me in the face as he walked by and he said something dark?  But it was more because , i dont know,  I am not in control of the salvation of the people in that area anymore. It was weird to visit and think it has been 8 months since I was there in Cerro. I saw a family who had a young daughter and truely she changed completely.  It started me thinking about Bo and Ted and everyone how weird it will be to see you all grown up. So yah the problem was we just got caught there for too long.  My companion was there for 6 months while I was only there for 1 and a half so there was a lot to talk about. The sad thing is we could not get a lot done. 

But anyway this week was a really good one,  lots of divisions hard work and we had another visitors center in our chapel for the other ward that shares our chapel that was awesome. We had some good investigators there. I have come to find that truely the way to teach someone the gospel involves two things creating a spiritual experience and then helping them recognize that what they feel is the spirit. Honestly ever since the capacitation from our president I have had lots of spiritual experiences.  And,  do you know what changed? It was me.  In the lessons i started asking them to get on their knees and ask God. And after they did so, I did not say WoW that was a great prayer and give them a high five, but instead I would   say,  how do you feel? It has changed everything. We need to help the world to stop what they`re doing and listen God lives and loves us and has all the answers but we have to stop and ask ourselves how do I feel is this what they are saying is true? 

Something that happened in the visitors center was one of our awesome investigators called Jonathan went and in the middle of the tour the spirit was very strong and in the middle I stopped the sister missionaries that were explaining and said to him wait a minute how do you feel and then I reminded him that the way we feel is the way God responds to us. He felt the spirit.

Something pretty cool is there is a sister missionary called hermana Olson that is from Vegas and guess who gave her her patriarcal blessing? yep Grandad!  The world is very small. It looks like we will be having a baptism this saturday but it is still pending . I`ll let you know.  He is a very prepared man called Roberto.

I love you all I have no time to write anyone forgive me all of you 
Next time. 
I love you the Church is true
Elder Stewart-Chester

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