leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, August 12, 2013

Well folks

Howdy Yall.

I had one crazy week let me tell you.  But before I get to my week, questions need to be answered.

I already sent my essays last week mom so they should be there at the house soon. Edit them make sure they are not too long etc. I love you for doing that. I also talked to presidente and he said you have to start the process and then he will go in and add his part. I also am figuring out what I need to do to work in the MTC in Provo and even though they only take the best I am going to give it a good go:) 

And Dad you asked about my birthday... it is hard to really think of anything I want or need. I will need lots of things when I get home but idk things I would like are magic the gathering Cards to open up and money so I can buy gifts for everyone. 

Ok my week was nuts.   After p-day, we are not quite sure why, but my companion got super sick Tuesday. It was so bad in fact that we spent a lot of tuesday in the hospital because his stomach was in a ton of pain and his body was rejecting everything he put into it. It turned out that it was just a virus and not too bad as we thought.   But Wednesday was a little hard too. Wednesday I invited an awesome ex-missionary in our ward who was Assistant in the other Uruguay mission to speak to our zone.   It was more of a pep talk because Zone conference was going to be Friday. It was awesome.

Friday President showed our zone and The zone of Cerro what he had taught to all the leaders in the capacitation we had. And wow was it amazing. Me and my comp had to do the first demonstration of the new way we are teaching the first lesson  to an investigator. It was nerve wracking because we taught president and like 60 missionaries were watching and taking notes but let me tell you the lord has brought me a long way has given me lots of courage and strenth and the spirit is the real teacher anyway. Me and my companion had practiced a lot and we also practised with the assistants so it went really well and the missionaries really enjoyed what president had prepared.

It was a day filled with the spirit. Strong testimonies and how I love zone conference. Next Zone conference will be my last and I cannot believe it... Time has flown.

We also had some great experiences with some of our investigators this week. Roberto who was going to baptized this last week is having some troubles so we are going to fast with him today and help him to recognize his answer. 

Remember that story last week about Jonathan who I reminded to pay attention to the spirit. Well saturday we had a lesson with him and he informed us that he recieved a huge answer from the spirit he said it was the best thing he has ever felt. I sat there and thought to myself that is what it is all about helping people feel that! How I love being a missionary. THe Church is true ladies in gentlemen and if you dont believe me the only thing you can do is get on your knees and ask God the answer comes but only to those who seek it DILIGENTLY. It came to me after I was in the 70´s of D&C after reading the whole Book of Mormon and asking God every day if it was true and fasting twice! 

Ask God 
I love you all like Crazy!! You are my prized possessions

Elder Stewart-Chester


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