leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Well are you all ready to hear what happened this week?? I had a little bit of a crazy experience the other day as I assumed that we were staying, me and and my companion, together this next change because I had not recieved a call from President. Then,  while talking to the sister missionaries in my zone, she told me that I was going to be a zone leader in a different zone.  My heart exploded because I was and am not ready to leave yet. But she acted like it was common knowledge and she shares her area with the office elders so I thought oh my they forgot to call me I am going to Colonia. I got on my knees praying for strength and pouring my heart out to Heavenly Father telling Him even though He moved me arround so much in the mission I would go and I would do what He needed of me. Then I talked to the Assistants and I am staying here in Oeste!!!! yayayaya!! 

I was mostly bummed because a young guy called Jonathan we have been working with here is going to baptised this week and after an amazing lesson with the bishop Sunday he told us that he wanted me to baptise him. I love him and will send you pictures next week. He is extremely prepared and now we are just working on getting the support of the young adults in the ward to bring him under their wing. 

We had a lot of spiritual experiences this week. Luckily I keep a great journal and am on my 7th Journal and it will be my last. Just like the 7 harry potter books:) We are really finding miracles all over the place. We are teaching the husband of a recent convert who is a really great guy and this week we hit a breakthrough in the teaching. He has been praying a ton to get this job he wants and had a huge spiritual experience praying. He felt God's love envelope him and give him the comfort he needed. He has said to his wife that he is going to get baptised!! He just wants to wait a little bit more. 

Our zone has changed quite a bit and hopefully for the better. I talked to an elder last night that thanked me for all our support and told me that we were the best zone leaders he has had in the mission. I fight back tears just thinking about it. It helps you to know that we are here for a reason a Devine one. 

Well I have tons to do today I want to tell you all that I love you so much I see pictures that my mom sends of you all and it brings me to tears to see you all grow up and see those of you on the mission giving all your work.   I feel your prayers.  I need them.   I know that it is your prayers that cause me to look back on days and think to myself how in the world did I get through all that and everything went so smooth! 

i love you remember that always. 
Elder Stewart-Chester

visitors center in the chappel

my echos I do´t use anymore

Elder McCraney visted us here in Uruguay this week I love that Guy!
Zone Oeste!!!!!!

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