leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Well what a week

Not going to lie even after P-day I am exausted. This week has taken a lot out of me and has required things of me I never thought of before. I know why I was called to this area now and why I was called to be with my companion but saddly that story will have to wait for after the mission. Lets just say I have grown a ton and worry to death about being a parent.

Lets see something pretty nutts is two nights ago I left the back door open while we slept and did not have the fan on me and was well rather eaten alive. I have counted 72 mosquito bites on just my arms haha its not that bad though atleast my bed does not have bugs. It is super hot right now and all the people talk about is "this is nothing just wait until we hit 45" which is like 115.....I am very scared. But hey its for the lord right. 

Anyway so ya I had an intersting week went on divisions with an ELder I met in the CCM from Alaska and honestly he is the manliest guy. He is 27 years old and found his way to the mission and lets just say he knows why he is here. He told me about being chased by grizzlies in Alaska and the northern lights and well now I gotta go:) hahah we´ll see. but he really is super manly he shaves with a straight razor. 

My feet have been not in the best shape but their not bad at all. I still work as hard as I can. If anything they are just annoying. 

I also had another divisions with the Zone leaders again and it was really wonderful. The only bad part is I was out of my area a lot this week. Our area is such a good one and whenever anyone comes they´re like I would love to be here. We just are struggling to get people to come to church. We´re really working on it and we are having an activity this week with a competition of desserts. It should be super good our ward use to have a lot of life and we are really trying to revive that life. 

Mom you said you like to read the scriptures I am reading well right now as a mision we are reading the Book of Mormon in 90 days and I honestly read through it like I use to fiction novels back home. I read all in spanish ad should finish well before christmas. I just read two scriptures that I loved this morning: Alma 36:3 and Alma 36:24.

Yesterday was the birthday of my companion. Not a good day for me or the lord but I got cake, 

anyway forgive me that I did not send pics. I will do soon anyway I cannot tell you how much I love you all and how much I have changed.... I love serving and I´m hoping that soon we will be doing so much service for those around us.

I Know the Church is true and so do you!!! you´ll know to when you are backed up to the wall and dont know which way to go then you´ll bare testimony and be filled with the spirit.

Elder Stewart-Chester

Ps. I have been bad at writing back letters so forgive me. I´m going to fix that hopefully next week

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