leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

10/29 I would send pictures but there are too many people here and they might come break into our house to get my camera later

Hello Hello well its that time of the week again. not really sure how your side is not really sure how many of you actually read my blog but isn´t my blog great people dont I have a wonderful mother to do all that for me.

Anyway how do you talk about this last week.... lets see well lets start off with the best part of it all the conference with Elder Oaks!!! yeah thats right that was this saturday and what an amazing experience. With all the missionaries from our both missions here in Uruguay we listened to one of the 12 apostles give us specific direction from God. WOW. Do you want to know what the topic was= Repentance. I know what your thinking wow your missionaries must be terrible if he came and talked to you all about repentance. But it was not about our repentance it was about making sure to teach someone in a way that they can experience true repentance in order to keep firm in the gospel until the end he told us that in the book of mormon next to the word baptism is always repentance. It is sad but far too often they`re are missionaries that just baptise to baptise. I hate it. It was a powerful conference I learned so much. Something he talked about that applies more to everyone was that being a follower of Christ means going to church every week. he talked about the importance of sacrament. It is so importantant that they as appostles even with their extremley busy scheduals have to atleast once a month partake of the sacrament in the temple. He said sometimes it is hard because you travel so much. He said if it is important as an appostle of the lord to partake it is so important for us. He said to focus on the principle that "to always have his spirit to be with you" is being cleaned because the spirit cannot dwell in unholy temples. 

Elder Vi├▒as  and Elder Halstrom came aswell with their wives and said powerful things aswell. Something intresting that they all did was testify that Elder Oaks was an appostle and if you stepped back as I did I felt the spirit testify to me about their words. Someday you will all have to read my notes. I have a lot to work on, But I´m so grateful for his direction I would be lost without it.

I have had a couple of rough days with my companion. But it should get better from now on I hope. He has lots of exuses but  last night I told him that It was one of the saddest days of my mission becuase we did not work hard enough with the time the lord gave us. (you dont have to put this on the blog its up to you)

We have been using the marshmellows that we sent to me to make smores with investigators. I feel like it helps we are still working with some good people we just need to get them progressing. I love this area it gets better everyday. It was a really strong ward a year ago but a lot left offended and now we are starting to bring them back slowly but surely. 

It was amazing the conference I met and talked to so many missionaries how I love good missionaries its awesome to see so many great men and women who serve and love the lord. Its crazy becuase we all have similarities. 

Anyways I am out of time. The Church is true and dont you ever forget it when someone challanges you about a topic of term or something about the church just remeber to tell them that you asked God if the Book of Mormon was true and well he responded. I love you all tons 

Elder Stewart-Chester

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