leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Okky Dokey folks yall ready

SO it turns out I am a really crapy Elder so I have been transferred once again.....
My Change

Cerro Barrio 16
With: Elder Vargas (Peru)
I am going down south folks to the big city Montevideo!!!! I was very much in Shock because well I am the only missionary I know with 4 areas in 7 changes. My companion I am with right now has 4 areas and he only has 6 months of his mission left. I mean wow I have only been in an area for 2 changes that is unheard-of.

Anyway folks as you can tell I am writing this super late.  I am actually already in the time we should be out working. :( the Cyber here was too full so we had to wait. So forgive me I am trying to type as fast as my skinny fingers will let me. I have so much to say lets hope I can get some of it across.

First off mom the Mp3 is fine do not spend lots of money and hide it well. Things I still need are envelopes and now futbol shoes sadly mine are super destroyed.  To send shoes you have to send one in one package one on in the other just send me a pare of dad's indoors.

I was spat at this week.... Just kept walking. Someday I will receive tons of blessings for that one. I was amazed at how well I kept my head. I am changing that's for sure.

We had two baptisms Sunday, two adorable little girls who are showing the way for their mother who needs to be married before she can be baptised. I will send pictures next week hopefully. I´m guessing the computers in Deo are better. I actually got to baptise Florencia which was wonderful as always but you know me I forgot my towel at least it is insanely hot here!!

Here in Uruguay well south America Everyone has Moto´s(motorcycles etc) and after being here so long I have the strongest desire to buy one when I get home. Something funny about motos here is they are a family vehicle. Did you know they can fit a family of 5 on those things. Hopefully I´ll take a picture. Also they use them like trucks carrying goods. Often you will see a moto go past with two men on it and one is carrying a giant wooden beam, or a piece of metal.

What do I think of the new age change of missionaries?....well its inspired!  China must be opening up soon. I think that missionaries will have to come more prepared and that their may be more problems,  but I think hopefully they will come very teachable and The work will grow.

I have thought of one thing one thing I wish I knew earlier in life. Do you want to know what that is?  Moroni´s promise. I wish someone would´ve sat me down younger and told me you Have to read this book and then ask God your life depends on it. I love the Book of Mormon I wish I had poored through the pages earlier in my life. I would´ve received so much more. My goal for the rest of my mission is to feel the spirit and teach with the spirit as much as I possibly can. It´s honestly all that matters.

I am disappointed to leave my area I had so many plans and ideas. It should only go up hill here in this area.

I love the Lord and I will go and do whatever he asks.

Les Quiero

Elder Stewart-Chester

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