leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Friday, November 16, 2012

Writing Next Tuesday due to changes!

Well It feels like yesterday I was just emailing. It is a good thing I write things down in my agenda because if I didnt I would be so lost right now. First off I would just like to say I love you all I´m so grateful for every person, teacher, leader, parent, sibling, I have had in my life. How lucky I am. 

Something I realize I have completely forgotten to tell you guys I´m pretty sure is  that in my old area with Elder McCraney he has baptised a couple who we were teaching over there, so Awesome. It would´ve been really cool to finish teaching them but Its just wonderful because they are such amazing people and will be a forever family. Silvia and Marcelino. Elder McCcraney always gloats to me because Silvia brings them food like every night becuase she is so wonderful. 

Ok I did not know Dakota got called to The Salt Lake City Mission!!?? 

This week has been pretty ok.... my bike is busted and it makes us work a lot slower and it bugs me. Oh so guess what Dad ELder McCraney said "Elder Stewart-Chester is the hardest working comp I have in the mission" -I know you are probably crying right now. Looks like some thigs rub off huh. 

I have been writing down Scriptures that I feel you Mom and others really would be good for you´all.
Alma 50: 23
Alma 37:37
Alma 38:5
The book of mormon has become one of my favorite books. 

We had a bunch of investigators in church this last week!!!WOOOOHH Super good for them. We are baptising two young girls of a family we are teaching next Sunday to help the desire grow in the heart of the mother. She wants to be baptised but has to be married first and if she does she loses her pension of her dead ex-boyfriend. We had two investigators we found saturday go to church Sunday. one is called Leonardo and he is 22 and we´re are praying he is a misionary to be

I have started to realize how scatter brained my letters are its mainly because of my notes I take so I can write this thing. Something that I love about the people here is they love and look after the poor. The people love and look after one another. They often give out food for free and all the time they are giving away clothes and things like that. I need to be more like them. I think I am going to work in a soup kitchen next time I am home maybe around the holidays or something.

Anyway I wish I could say so much more but I have to go I love you!!

Elder Stewart-Chester

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