leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, October 22, 2012

Shall we begin

Well I had a week.... pretty crazy lets see how much I can get in shall we.

Lets start off with a tender mercy from the lord. Tuesday nigh`t I am 100% possitive I fell asleep on my knees praying so exausted from the day but when I awoke in the morning I was lying in my bed. But I was lying the completely different way than I normally do without my pillow and as I sat down and thought and thought to myself I couldn´t remeber getting into bed just kneeling to pray. I´m sure that the lord knew that I needed a better rest and picked me up and put me in bed.

Well Some of the great parts of our week come from watching the ward come together and work! We left with all the high priests this week to visit a bunch of less active or inactive families and the Women in the ward did the same out looking and recueing the downtrodden. Well it is awesome to see families reactivate and we had a larger group of members there at church at the end of this week. Hermana Borges the lady we had the FHE with is awesome one of my favourite members here and is coming back in full force I ´m pretty sure it is her plan to go to the temple next month. She was sharing with her husband what she learned in sunday school. It was awesome to see her a lot happier and know that the church is where we belong. she has already started looking for nieghbors to have Family home evenings with so we can teach them!!! 

This week I gave my first talk in Sacrament meeting. Me and my companion were the speakers and it went really well I can feel how far my spanish has come it literally amazes me and I have only had 1 latino comp. I talked about how our ward needs to be like a family. how they need to invite families over for dinner, barbques, FHE they need to look after one another outside the church to keep people strong inside the church. I now know why we had so many families over for dinner and I now know how important it is for others. By small and simple things right! Thanks Dad for your example. I shared it with everyone in the cogregation.

Sunday morning we had an insane experience. Someone who we have visited in the past and she is such a wonderful lady but just can´t change from her old faith rember her we found her on my B-day? well we went by sunday morning becuase some of her sons and nephews wanted to go to church. we had gone by saturday in the afternoon to set it all up. Well as we biked down her street we thought wait a min we have gone to far.. we turned around searching for the first white house and then we saw where it was suppose to be. It had burned to the ground that night(I have a picture I´ll send other day). outside the house was her husband he works out in the country but after a call came into town. He explained to us that no one was harmed. that while the mother was out looking for her kids someone lit the house on fire.... The world is a very scary place. No one was harmed and we invited the father to church. (he did not come but we also offered out help in anyway possible)

This saturday we have a conference in the capital!!! with ELDER OAKS!!! I dont think I said anything before becuase it always skipps my mind. But I´m super stoked all 400 missionaries in Urugauy will be going up there.

Last but not least is the devil is really working hard agaist us. We had so many amazing people ready and so exited for church and then did...not...show.... One of our investigators obsticles is if she gets married she looses the money that she gets from her dead Ex-Boyfriend and its a substancial amout we are encouraging her to pray and ask God and then follow his will. 

But all in all the work marches forward there is a lot of amzing people here and I am so blessed to be on the mission. I havent said it enough but I have a wonderful family I am too blessed. I got a Package from you Dad and Christina thanks so much! I am going to wear one of the ties for the conference. I am a happy man. Thank all of you that send me council and advice and love I am so blessed to have you in my life. 

Anyway that is my week More or less just remeber that I am keeping a really good Journal I´m on Number 3!!! so you can read about it all someday.

I love you until next week.
ththththththats all fowlks

Elder Stewart-Chester 

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