leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, October 15, 2012

Well, I have no time

Well we have a lesson at 5 30 and its 5 11 right now I still have to email and also write a letter to president so I gotta keep it short please forgive me well lets talk about something that truely hit me good this week and that is the fact that god is a god of sacrifice.

Well I have for a long while been telling the lord that I will give him anything that my will is his will and well the test came to see if I really could. My old Companion Elder McCraney was talking about how the night before he felt that he had not given everything to lord and had not recieved an answer to his question. He realized that he was still holding on to R rated movies and he told me It struck me so hard and would not leave me for days. I thought to myself can I give it to the lord I found myself really wrestling with the lord as I tried to reason and explain that I did not need to make a covanant. That some R rated movies dont do anything but it came down to can I give everything to the lord. I wrestled with him on my knees that night going to bed without making the covanant hoping that when I woke and as time passed I would forget. I prayed that night if it is your will I will do please tell me if it is your revalation for me. 

That morning I woke with a troubled mind. And I recieved my answer powerfully over and over from the lord as I read Mosiah 3-5 wow Basically heavenly father said to me "you know what you need to do now do it" and so I have I knelt down that morning and gave the lord the last thing I have left. I know know that if we are to be true disciples Heavenly father will ask of us that thing which we are most reluctant to give.

The work pushes on here we have found some amazing families here. there will be more to come about them as time goes on. We might marry some families and hopefully in a years time I will be able to accompany them in the temple.

The night I gave everything to the lord I fely his love and the burning in my chest I have always longed for. The church is True its sometimes hard but the difference between a good man and a great one is the great one does the hard things.

I love you all so much forgive the shortness I hope that it lifts your higher on this rainy day here in Bario Artigas Uruguay
Elder Stewart-Chester

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