leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, September 2, 2013

Pictures to come in a little bit

How I love you all and miss you all wherever you find yourself in the world I am grateful for your prayers and love. Even though I am terrible at responding to letters lately I ask for your forgiveness and I hope to get some done today. 

I received two packages from you Mom:) thank you so much I already use that leather bound binder when I teach my zone:) Oh and Mom I dont play with the cards you send I just collect them its like opening up a christmas present here in the mission because you never know what is inside. I am glad you got the essays I will talk to presidente this week about the edorsement. 

Well I had an incredible week! We had a baptism!! SO awesome he was so prepared. To think I found him through knocking doors late one night:) first we started teaching his step dad who is super evangelical but then we met Jonathan and he told us later that he had prayed to God to have more faith and that day I knocked his door. He has made some changes with his life but quickly accepted the gospel and the commandments. After he had recieved a spiritual answer about all we taught there was nothing he would not accept because he knew it came from God. I had the privilege to baptise him. How blessed I have been by the lord. I have been given so very much. 

We also had a miracle lesson this week with a an investigator we have had for a long time but was not a firm investigator until this last week (Carlos) when we challenged him to read the book of mormon. and when we went by to have a lesson with him we forgot to verify if he had read  and we taught the plan of salvation focussing on him being sealed to his wife in the holy temple(his wife is a recent convert) and he asked lots great questions but nothing was too firm like when can I get baptised or anything like that but in the end We asked him to offer the closing prayer and tears leaked down my face as I listened to him tell God that for the first time with all the missionaries who asked him to, he had  read and after he felt something he had never felt before and that he knew this was God's way of talking to him. He said he felt the same way as he prayed. After the prayer I explained to him that was the spirit and Invited him to follow his Saviour and be baptised.   He accepted!! after months of his wife praying and praying for her husband to follow her example he read and felt the spirit. I love being a missionary. 

This week we also had changes in the mission and I was able to see Elder Diotaiuti my son which was awesome and also lots of good friends from the mission I have not seen for a while. 

We are looking at lots of success here in our zone this month:) We are working a ton with the bishop and members here and it is really paying off I love the mission it is a blast to see things you do bare fruit and see miracles happen and a ward that never use to have baptisms flourish! 

Mom Happy Birthday Tomorrow:) I love you more than you will ever know I miss you and cannot wait to hug and kiss you.. I'm working to make you proud very very proud. I will not be coming back the same as when I left. 
I love you all Like crazy. 
The greatest joy I have felt here in the mission is when you teach someone or something and you see as small and insignificant as the world makes you feel that you can make a difference in someones life. I love healing, teaching, consoling, crying repentance and loving. I love knowing that I helped change someone's life and at the same time changed mine completely. 

I love you all
Elder Stewart-Chester

my companion doing what we do all daylong send messages to everyone!!!!
a friend of mine of a family we are reactivating

everyone is waiting for the baptism to begin because theyalways start late because someone does notshowup in this case jonathans family
Oh Ya! !

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