leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, September 23, 2013

Changes early:)

Ladies and gentlemen can you believe we are having some amazing changes here with me and my companion and this change hasn´t even ended yet. After having an amazing meeting with the stake presidente this last week we talked a lot about focussing and helping one ward in particular be stronger. And well I asked him if he would like more missionaries there in that ward even though it does not have the biggest history of success.  And he said yes and so I talked to presidente and we came up with some ideas and in the end it all just fell into place. The assistants called us to tell us that there are two missionaries coming in this tuesday whose missions have been reassigned and they will be our companions for a little more than two weeks to help stregthen this ward and prepare it for two more missionaries. We are very excited basically we will be training two elders fresh from the plane here in their new mission. We are even going to go pick them up from the airport which never happens. It will be quite the experience. 

I am going to be staying in our area holding down the fort and my companion will be doing a lot of traveling and finding in this new area and helping these other areas. The Lord is blessing us a lot:) 

We will have a baptism next Sunday of Andrea who will be baptised after church which should be awesome. We are excited she is super prepared. Last night we taught the plan of salvation to her and her spouse who is reactivating and also his inactive family memebers and they just drank up every thing we said. It was quite the experience. 

We also had an amazing guy we have been working with for a long time called Carlos take the steps and made it the the chapel. His wife is a strong recent convert and now as a family for the first time this last sunday they all attended church. It was powerful to see. Our ward is behind us 100% and because of it and all the miracles that are happening we are starting to really have something special here in our area. Our bishop asks for references for us and we had 50 people or so in our activity of a huge movie night this last friday where we watched the testaments. This week our friday night activity is a ping pong tournament. We also had an Elders quorum BBQ this last saturday and Carlos went and it really helped him feel comfortable. We are as my companion said working from the inside out here by strengthening the wards we will have a far better retention and more than anything those who attend will have others there to help them follow the saviour and to not quit. 

Something crazy that happened this last week was a day of divisions I went on with a good elder who is very quiet and pretty new in the mission. Anyway in the middle of the lesson there were huge problems with getting companions for these two sister missionaries so I had to be in the other room calling everyone and their dog trying to solve tons of problems while this elder Minert taught the whole lesson by himself. He did a great Job all I did was come back testify and commit them to go to church and then we left. And he did a great job because that was carlos and he went to church!

Other than that i am sorry I haven't written any hand letters in a long time. I just have so little time I hope you´ll forgive me and just now that I love you and will let you all read my journal that is very long and you can live every experience with me. 

Teddy and Bo thank you for always remembering me and always writing you both are the best and Grandma Jaqui I love you all so much. 

Life is good the big lesson that God wanted me to learn this week is that the world is filled with mediocracy and that we must fight with everything we have to beat that to do more to be more to give more to help more. We need to fight to be extraordinary. I want to make my father in heaven proud I cannot sell myself short there is more to be had more people to help more christ like attributes I can develop and so much more I can give. We just need to give a little more every day. I love you all so much Thank you for your prayers you are in mine always:)

Elder Stewart-Chester

the pictures are me in the rain and me next to a building of the church of the jesus christ científico (scientific) we had a good laugh.  

View from apartment!
My rain boots that I found.  Our apartment.  

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