leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, September 9, 2013

๐ŸŒŸ21 years old

Well who would´ve guessed that I would hit 21 so fast but I did and what next well 22 I guess. 

Well Ok I will call presidente today and ask him to have the edorsemnet done . yah I have heard that with an edorsement it is a lot better to aply to The Mtc I need to look into it all.  I fly home I´m pretty possitive on the 3rd of january so that will be good I wont screw up tates B-day like the last time. I already wrote to Jordan and all them and told them to be in the airport also McCraney and all of my friends:) 

It is crazy to get all these updates from home thank you all and bless your hearts to all those who write me even though I am terrible and never have time to respond. literally today I still have not eaten luch and will have to grab something on the go and then begin to plan for our zone capacitation we are having tomorrow. 

We had all the Zone leaders and hermana trainers(which are like the sister leaders here inthe mish) together here in Montevideo this last thursday for our zone concilio which was filled with revelation sent from God to Uruguay. Something that our president said was we will never understand the gravity of all that we are doing not only for the salvation but for this country we are changing it forver. It is so true and we focussed on growing what is truely important here and focussing our efforts on helping the leadership of the church here and growing the wards and finding the lost the spirit was so strong as we realized that this is why we are all here to grow the kingdom of God here in Uruguay. Lots of changes in our missiona all for the better we all stand back in awe as we see the lords hand in the work here. The main focuss all begins with the working with bishops and stake presidents to have success and all over Uruguay we are seeing miracles. 

We had a difficult week in our area as almost literally every lesson fell though or something happened that demanded our attention in another area or in the ward to help support. But we still had a wonderful woman whos husband is a member come to church this week and after a very spiritual charla we invited her to be baptised and she accepted asking if she could get baptised on her birthday(26th of sept). She is very excited and so is the ward because she is the wife a a memeber who was very active went on the mission and then came home early and did not recieve the welcoming he needed in a very bad emotional esstate and so he left the true church. The ward is very much behind us in our area and are beginning to take their own initiative in doing missionary work through the monthy goal which was a very effective piece of revelation from president. We are putting a huge push here in Oeste on General conference in October we are going to talk to the stake president and have him help us make the goal of every ward here in Montevideo to strengthen itself by having a huge turn out in General conference. and expecially inviting less actives and non members we are going to see hundreds of miracles. We are excited lots to do. 

Thanks mom and Everyone I recieved lots of cards I love you all so much! I had an asado(barbeque) and cake on my birthday here  the other day from the bishop so it was a good day:) 

I just want you all to know that I love you all like crazy thank you for everything for all you do and say and expecially all your prayers. I am learing so much and have much more to Go but I am fighting for the lord and we already know who will win in the end. I know what I am doing makes a difference I know that this church is true the spirit has touched my heart many times to give me that answer. I am so filled with gratitude to be here serving at this time. I love my Saviour and with my small sacrifice I can give a little back. 
les Quiero
Elder Stewart-Chester

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