leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Prosiltismo: too short a letter!

dear everyone yes it is that time again ok first this is the new address of the mtc it will get faster if you send it here

Elder Stewart-Chester
Uruguay mont... west mission
Argentina mtc.... thats all the same but then it goes
El Tupe 4950
Ciudad Evita 1778
Buenos Aires, Argetina

Ok first off I love you and tell my family all of them to write me on my Emial I then will go print it off and read it later I have a lot to talk about from this last week but some of it is going to sent later and in more detail through the post and maybe you can scan it and put it on the blog or whatever. Ok so First off I would like to say that I have begun to realize why people say a mission is hard and not for the reasons you may think The truth is prosiliting scares me less and less everyday. I am just getting sick of sitting in a classroom cramming spanish but I am Learning so fast you wouldbe amazed!!!
Ok the bulk i want to talk about is Prosiltismo! We actually had the opportunity to go out in buenos Aires This Saturday and atept to preach the gospel to the natives here and let me tell you it was an experience of a life time
First off the streets are covered in trash, there are stray dogs everywhere and there was a cow in one of our streets and the weather is sooooo hot so everyone is shirtless and they just take you out in a bus and drop you off in an area and tell you to be right there when they come back at 5 .30, It was pretty nuts, we then proceeded to smile and wave at everyone and ask them how they are and where they live and depending on how much English they know and how much we could understand there spanish through there missing front teeth we proceeded to cary out a simple conversation with them and boy did We have some amazing experiences some I will right others will be in the letter I write home and then you will just have to read my jopurnel.
The first was this guy we saw and he was pretty big for a latino and he honestley looked like a drug lord but his path was going to take him right past uus so we thought what the heck lets go for it! We then started talking to him figured out that he was from the dominican republic and after much spanglish we figured out he was saying temples and that he really wanted to come and see ares we sat there for a min shocked and then we gave him a book of M and I said in Spanish "I know this book is True and When I read it, it makes me happy" hahah then we got his number and he insisted we will call him! it was an amazing experience and I guess we will find out where it will go We gave his number to the missionaries in the district and we will see what happens
The 2nd story has to do with my patriarcal blessing, so in It it says that I have been blessed with great faith and I have never understood this until now. As we were starting to head back I noted Two men sitting down Up ahead and right infront of them was a giant Pitbull! And I asked my companion who is deathly afraid of dogs hey do you want to avoid this one and he did not say anything but iKnew he did not want to then I was Like well wait the lord will protect us I then walked up and it turned out that the dogs eyes were bloodshot and that it looked like a monster But it was one of our best conversations ahh running out of time.... Anyway he gave us " referrals ect.
I love you all sooooo Much

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  1. I hated that this letter ended so quickly. We haven't received a mailed letter yet. I still am so grateful for Brady's decision to serve. It is having such a positive impact on my family and me. Alex almost comments daily on how happy this has made him personally. I find it a little surreal and truly a gift! Can't wait to hear from him again!!