leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Friday, January 20, 2012

2nd letter....first P-day

Dear Mom, and Dad,
I have hand written a letter and that one will get there who knows when but i´ll be able to write those more than these I love you both I have not read any Emails yet so that I will have enough time to respond we know that my typing skills are Lacking and ya i know is my fault first try to get my blessing from grandad, if not Ink i would really love to have it if you send it to me as a written document i can print it out.
Also do not send me boxes they will not get here to argentina but they will get to Uruguay. if you want to send me something send it in a padded envolope. spred the word.
So my experieces here have been extremely strange they launch us into the laguage and we learn more rapidly than you would ever believe! It is very overwelming but I think that its on purpose so that I study on my own in the 20 min free time we get. for instance I teach an 'Investigator' in spanish every day in the morning...for me and my companions its more like english with random spanish words thrown in. haha anyway i just had a shocker today one of the guys in my class was so good at spanish today they split up my old companionship of three so that I could be with his old companion. Not the best news one of my old companions was so funny he is like uncle sean a genious and so so funny. but now I will have to experience a completely new companion.
We also just changed mission pres. and there wives so that has been an intresting experience. Pres. george was a great man and pres. openshaw exudes the spirit. we never have a min. to ourselves I am kept crazy busy but I write in my journel every night so don't worry. the food is good not the best thing I have ever tasted but Its good they dont really use any spices at all here so Its very bland. Oh and supposedly we had horse the other day and it was really good:)
I love the gospel I am not having enormous spiritual experiences everyday like those elders say they had in provo But Its here we just spend most of our time focussing on the language. All the missionaries in my district are going to be finominal missionaries.
I don,t have any more time tell the Kids I love them and I love You both and your belly mom tell uncle paddy I love him and momo and that guys name I taught was Deven Mcdonald on the Colts a long time ago I love U all bye!!

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  1. Busy is good, right!?! Horse? That's seriously disgusting. I love that kid!
    -His proud Aunt Jen